Nimki Mukhiya 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Nimki says i used to be popping out. Babu holds her hand. Nimki says what are you doing. He says talking about my heart. He says check out my eyes. Abhi says i like you. Nimki smiles. She says i love you too. Abhi makes her put on a hoop. Abhi leaves.

Babbu breaks the door and is derived in. Nimki says you.. Does he say you may say i love you to him?

Elena says papa changed into looking so good. She says Nimki turned into looking top too.

Babbu slaps Nimki. He says how dare you to insult my dad. He hits Nimki’s head on the wall. Nimki tries to run. Babbu hits her. Nimki says you are not a person. you could handiest harm women. Babbu hits her. Nimki tries hitting him with a rod. Nimki says Abhi. Babbu says nobody will come to help you. Babbu takes a rod and throttles her. Nimki attempts to arise. She hits Babbu and says you are not a person. BAbbu says no one can save you, today.

Abhi is busy with humans outside. He appears round for Babbu but is busy.

Babbu shoves Nimki on the bed. Nimki screams but nobody can hear her because of the noise. Babu says I’m able to make you put on this bangle. He rapes her and leaves her there. Nimki is fainting.

Ganesh comes and tells Abhi he noticed Babbu. They come to Nimki and spot that she is not in the room. the entirety is broken. Babbu is concerned. Mauha says blood. Abhi says nothing can occur to her. they look around for Nimki but she is nowhere.

Nimki comes on stage injured. anyone is dazed. Nimki walks bare feet and along with her garments torn. everyone is dazed. Nimki faints and falls. Abhi holds her. He appears at her bleeding and the bangle in her wrist.

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