Nimki Mukhiya 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Tettar gets back home in resentment. Sweet says he won’t do it. He should do this to alarm you. Ritu says he filled assignment papers. This isn’t a show. You should definitely knew. Tettar says he needs the entirety of my forces. That is the reason he brought Nimki here. Dablo says would it say it was all Babbu’s arrangement? He says yes. dAblo says I ought to have been his ally. Tettar says he shouldn’t be found in this house. Go now. Nimki and Babbu comes in. Nimki says Babbu will get the votes. Annaro says Babbu how could you. Tettar hits him and says I will show you out of this house. Babbu says in the event that I win you won’t live in this house. Annaro slaps him. Annaro says you compromised your father? She slaps him once more. Nimki stops his hand. Nimki says enough. you can’t hit my significant other before me.

Nimki says we can document a case that you are attempting to hurt Tettar’s opposition is races. Ritu says quiet down please. Nimki says he is savvy. Tettar says this is your child. He isn’t a man. Tettar takes out his firearm. Annaro quiets him. He hacks and sits on couch. Rekha says jharya get waater. Nimki says call specialist. Annaro says we needn’t bother with you go from here. Babbu says let me call the specialist. Nimki and Babbu leave.

Tettar says he demolished my name. What might individuals think. Gathering office calls Ritu. He says we are brought in office. Tettar tosses water glass in displeasure.

Ramla says babu is challenging against Tettar? Mauha says the are plotting something. Ramla says I trust nimki isn’t hurt. Mauha says she isn’t guiltless. She went herself. She left us. She went there herself.

Tune says to abhi I sort of get something. When she left I didn’t however now I do. Everything was going fine, at that point she left one day? She is playing. Her main goal is something different. She is there to break his family. I know Nimk. She is playing Babu. She would make the haveli individuals battle and slaughter one another. Abhi says whaat? Nimki says she is as yet our own. Abhi says for what reason didn’t she let us know? Tune says she won’t need inconvenience for us.

Executive says individuals are talking. Your child is against you. You can’t control your family. ritu says we will sort it. He says no go out individuals are chuckling at you. Tettar says nobody would decide in favor of Babbu He is my child. He says no, individuals know Babbu and who might decide in favor of you regardless of whether your child doesn’t have faith in you? Tettar says he doesn’t know legislative issues. Rtu says nimki incited him. A person says nimki has her vote bank. It would go to babbu. He says ladies choose things in your home Tettar blows up.

Precap-Annaro says to Babbu you would conflict with your dad? He says yes.


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