Nimki Mukhiya 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Tetar is ill. He says in sleep Babbu kill her. Don’t deport her. Sweetie says amma call Babbu back. Rekha says yeah earlier than they placed cow crap on him too. Annaro says close up. She says Diamond move and takes a look at Babbu in ghat tola. Annaor says these days my Babbu will make proud.

Diamond says Babbu is back. he is taking the how. Annaro rushes to him.

Ananro comes downstairs and Tetar too. Annaro says you son killed her today. Tetar says her recreation is over. we are able to have fun. Annaro says what is this blood on our blouse? Did you kill her? Sweetie starts sobbing. Ritu says what is going to you do now. Sweetie faints. Sweetie faints.

Abhi and anyone carries Nimki to a health facility. they’re worried. physician assessments her. Abhi calls the police. the Doctor sees her pulse and asks Mauha to go out. Mauha is crying. health practitioner says a person raped her. Abhi says what are you saying. She says sure. she has been raped. all people are dazed.

Annaro says what/ He says yes I killed her at the same time as living. She ruined our name proper. Annaro says you touched her? He says this is worse than death. She deserved this. What else could I do? He says I did this for our family name. Annaro says why didn’t you kill her.

Health practitioner asks Abhi to carry medicines. Police come. song and Abhi deliver them an announcement.

Ram is crying. Ramla says don’t worry we’re all together with her. Nehar says we don’t go away her culprits.

Inspector says we will write a record like this. Abhi says to come and notice her condition.
Nehar says I’m positive that Tetar did this. Ramla cries and hugs mono.

Does Abhi say what if it happened to someone in your family? He says are available.

Annaro asks Tetar what are you questioning. he says about babu. Ananro says not anything will show up to Babbu. Tetar says he has become the proper son today. i will shout and inform absolutely everyone approximately Nimki. entire village comes outside Tetar’s residence and protest. Nehar says we can avenge what you probably did. we will burn this haveli.

Precap:- Abi comes to the haveli with police. Police arrests Babbu.

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