Nimki Mukhiya 19th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Scene 1

Ritu and Tettar come home. Annaro says wherein is Babbu? Tettar says he desired to come back on his vehicle. Dablo says you are waiting for him and he’s roaming around like, have a look at me i’m rapist. Tettar says shut up. Dablo ays believe how human beings would possibly study him.

Rekha says name him before he goes to every other woman. Annaro says i can kill you. Tettar says he isn’t a kid.

Ganesh says humans didn’t like Nimki playing cricket. Nimki comes. A girl says people are pronouncing the female who is raped shouldn’t.. Nimki says i used to be playing. it’s far my existence and i would stay it the manner I want. Nehar says i’m with you however attempt to recognize what these humans are trying to mention.

song says close up. Nimki says I raped so i will’t play now? A female says sure. Nimki says to ganesh i hit you

in the front of each person you lost your admire too. Did you prevent doing the entirety. Abhi comes.
Babbu comes together with his boys. they’re chanting for Babbu. Mauha says how is he bailed. Babbu comes out of his automobile. Abhi says i will see him. Nimki holds Abi’s hand. They power in the village.

They chant against Nimki. Nimki stops abhi from going. Abhi says don’t fear. She says will you’re taking me out for movie? Abhi says we could pass. they both smile.

Scene 2
Annaro says to Rekha get the entirety ready. Dablo says yeah God is coming. Babbu comes home. Annaro hugs him. She says my son.. you are domestic. Babbu says let me are available at the least. Annaro does his arti. Ritu says in which did you go? Annaro become asking so many questions.

Annaro says come in. Babbu says to Dablo how do you sense? See i am out she couldn’t do whatever. You were involved for me. I went to ghat tola as properly. Tettar says what.. Jhariya says you shouldn’t have visible her face. Ritu says why did you go there. Annaro says sufficient. Babu come lets devour. See what I made for you.

Nimki and Abhi are on bike. they are going for film. Abhi says I desired to kill Babbu. Nimki says think about the movie. He says i will shoot him. Nimki says forestall the bike. Are we going for movie or talking about Babbu? He says allow’s move for movie. He says we can have popcorn too.

Tettar says why did you go there? Babbu says she came to threaten me. I needed to move and show her. Dablo is indignant. Jharya says they have been all scared to look Tettar. Tettar slaps jhariya.

He says i higher must have left you in prison. Babbu says then get me out? Tettar says your mom was crying day in and day out. Annaro says forestall all this now. he is back domestic now. Babbu consume now. Babbu says i will educate Nimki and Babbu a lesson.

Precap-Jhariya tells Babbu Nimki has long past to observe movie with Abhi.


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