Nimki Mukhiya 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Nehar and all of us is outside the house. they are saying we can burn it. Tettar takes his gun and opens the door. Abhi is on the opposite side. he’s taking the gun from Tettar. Inspector says Babu has to be arrested. Abhi slaps Tettar and says you can’t stop him these days. Tettar says you could”t enter my house. Abhi says you may prevent me from something today. police seem within the complete house for Babbu. Abhi looks for him too. Sweetie asks Abhi how is Nimki? He says close up and informs me where is your brother? Annaro says my son didn’t even contact her. She is probably characterless herself. Abi is set to slap her and says I’m able to forget all limits. Inspector says Babbu is nowhere.

Ritu takes Babbu to bus stand and says you have to go for the sake of saving your stay. Babbu says if something takes place to my mother and father behind me. ritu says don’t worry I am right here.

Abi throttles Tettar and says where is babu? Tettar says asking him to go away. Abhi shoves Tettar. He slaps diamond and beats Tettar. Abhi tears all his garments. Police sstopAbhi.

Ramla says mono consume something. He says no I wanna go to didi simplest. Abhi brings Nimki domestic. Ram says Nimki. Abhi takes her to the room and covers her. Mauha says mon allow her relaxation. Ramla says Babbu will die. Does Mono say what passed off to her? Ram says I wanna see Nimki.

Ram caresses Nimki’s face. He says open your eyes. Your siblings are so worried. Ram sings her a lullaby. all people are in tears.

Rekha says he insulted us again.

Ritu comes returned home. He says I left Babbu to the bus stand. He needed to leave.

Precap:- Abhi and Ram are consoling Nimki. Door knocks. Abhi opens the door. it is Sweetie.

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