Nimki Mukhiya 22 February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Sweeti sneaks in her room. Tettar and Ritu come home. Annaro says what did he say? Tettar says he stated nothin will show up to Babbu. Dont worry. Sweeti hears this.

Next Morning, absolutely everyone is disenchanted within the residence. Ram recollects Nimki on foot on the degree that manner. Mauha recalls what doctor stated. She says Nimki changed into shivering all night time. music says my arms have been shivering. I don’t need to wake her up. Ramla says never thought this would occur. How could she cope up. Nimki comes out. song appears at her. Mono says didi.. Maua says do you need some thing? She says meals. i am very hungry. Ramla says let me deliver food. She takes Mauha together with her. Nimki sits with ram and says you didn’t consume either? You needed to take medicinal drug.

Rekha calls her mom and says this house is always beneath information. Babu is Nimki’s husband. He slept with her. Annaro says why did he contact her. Dablo says he raped her. Your babbu is a disgusting human and you care about that he touched her? he is a disgusting rapist. Tettar says close up. How dare you. Didn’t you spot what nimki did with me? Babbu took my revenge. Dablo says so your call is stored now? you’re a rapist’s father for lifestyles now. Tettar throws pots in anger. Annaro takes him upstairs. Tettar says I ill kill you if you say a phrase against Babbu. Dablo says you’re the only shameless. Diamond says don’t.. Dablo slaps him. Dablo appears at Sweeti and says that is our own family. we are a part of this. Sweeti says how can a girl be happy about this being occurring to a female? Dablo says and that woman gave start to us. i am disgusted.

Nimki eats. Ram appears at her. Nimki says why are you all now not eating?? Are you now not hungry? tune says we are ingesting. Nimki says papa must I make you eat? Nimki makes him devour. Nimki says should I make you all eat too? She makes all people eat. Ramla says we are able to consume. Nimki says why are you crying on meals. Come on consume. each person starts offevolved eating. Mono coughs. Nimki says careful. song leaves in tears. He sits in a nook and cries.

Media is available in. They report nimki is having her meals. Nimki is raped but these human beings are having food with fun. Media asks Nimki how did this manifest? The ask to play sad track. all of them ask her silly questions. music says go from here. Mauha says don’t you’ve got any shame. why did Nimki blame Babbu? he is reputable. Ramla says what do you suggest? must she take someone else’ call. He says no that is approximately mukhiya so we got here. Nimki says if I wasn’t Mukhiya you wont have come? A woman is raped. not a Mukhiya.

Precap:- Nimki insults the media. Abhi comes and shoves them out.


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