Nimki Mukhiya 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nimki and song are cleansing the house. He sneezes. Nimki says clean it. He throws dust on her. Nimki says is there dirt on my face? MAuha says you aren’t doing whatever. Nimki says I wiped clean the whole thing. She tries to fix the bedsheet. Sweeti calls Nimki and says everyone were given to recognise Dablo may be witness. they’re making plans some thing. Nimki says will they damage him? Sweeti says he isn’t domestic. Sweeti says nobody may be secure once Dablo gives statement.

Tune says they could harm Dablo. Ramla says maube Sweeti is plotting too. She is Tettar’s blood. Tune says close up. dont’ say that. she sacrificed her love for Nimki. Nimki says what? music says yes. while she determined out abhi loved you she stepped out so you can get married to him. She did this for you. Nimki says what.. She sacrificed all this for me. Nimki calls Sweeti. tune says please don’t say some thing she gave me her swear. Nimki calls Sweeti. Sweeti says what befell? Nimki says just wanted to mention thanks for what you did. I want to hug you. Sweeti says is everything ok? Nimki says sure. She hangs up.
Dablo says to Nehar I want to go back this land to Nimki. Nehar says so Nmki could have all of it? Dablo says yes. She has been via lots. Nehar says being quality doesn’t remedy some thing. DAblo says we didn’t supply Ram hire. Nehar says he gave you that land. This land is precious. Dablo says you may pay for being this greddy.

Abhi says I assume Dablo may be scared. Tettar wont allow him come. Do you want tea? Nimki is drowned in mind. Abhi says have to we talk to Sweeti? Nimki says do you trust her? He says after she started out assisting. Nimki says before that? He says no. She fooled us. Nimki says what if she did that for a purpose? Abhi says there was no cause.
Elena comes. Nimki enables her with spellings. Abhi says who taught you all this? Nimki says sweeti. Elena says she is horrific. Nimki says she isn’t. Nimki says she is. Abhi says something occurred? Nimki says i’m leaving.

Babbu is angry. Diamond says we are able to’t forestall DAblo? Ritu says we need to find a manner out. Babu says you aren’t doing something. RItu says i’m attempting. I even asked his in legal guidelines. Sweeti says he doesn’t have whatever to do. Ritu says why don’t you ask youur brother? You communicate to him all of the time. Nimki says he’s blaing it on me now when he can’t do something. ANnaro says to Ritu go from right here if you can’t do some thing.

Precap-Tettar tries to shoot Dablo.


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