Nimki Mukhiya 29th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dablo hurries to tell Nimki. Annaro asks rekha the end result for him? Rekha says more likely than not gotten the chance to meet his companion.

Everybody is stressed for dev. Ramla puts water all over. He awakens and says I need more thandai. He says I was clowning. Ganesh hits him. They all move and celebrate.

Babbu is hitting the dance floor with jhariya and precious stone. Babbu says jhariya is such a thing. A man says we are happy you are celebrating here. You went to ghat tola last time. Ritu says we are doing this for our kin. Sweeti comes ut. Babbu goes to her and says wont you wanna play? She says you are doing this to make individuals on your side. Sweeti applies shading on him and says ama figures this could be your last holi. Celebrate as much as you can. Who knows.. He leaves in displeasure. Annaro says the end result for him. She says he is frightened could be his last holi.

Babbu comes and meets Vijay. Vijay says how is your case going? Try not to lose this case. Individuals are talking. Tettar says continue helping us. Vijay says this is our town. We wont give it a chance to be criticized.

Nimki is moving. Abhi says to Mauha your didi moves a great deal. Nimki says don’t stress over me on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to move. Nehar approaches individuals to desire thandai. Dablo comes there running. Everybody is stunned. He says where is thandai. he says it has poison. Ganesh is going to alcoholic it. Abhi breaks the pot. Nimki says what’s going on. He lets them know everything. He says I called yet you didn’t pick. Individuals get furious and state we should go to haveli. Nimki says is everybody alright? She says we wont destroy our holi for them. Dablo says I am sorry for my family’s benefit. Nehar says he is the main human in that house. Nimki says dont’ eat anything.

Nimki plays holi with Dablo. He appreciates with them.

Rekha drinks bhang. Rekha tosses hues on annaro. She is furious and says what did you do? Rekha says its holi. She says despite everything you look youthful. She goes in.

Tettar says to Vijay you need to enable us to win. He says yea you have no power now. Rekha says no on you may never have seen an insidious like him. Tell everybody things you did. Tettar says take her from here. Rekha says let me talk. She is flushed. Sweeti and precious stone take her inside. She says I need to play holi. Tettar likewise gets alcoholic. He begins slapping individuals.

Ritu says to Tettar everybody is celebrating in ghat tola. Dablo is there as well.

Precap Upcoming Nimki Mukhiya episode update: Nimki comes to haveli with all individuals. Vijay says you are similar individuals we kicked out. Nimki says and we are individuals who can slap you.


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