Nimki Mukhiya 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Annaro gets back home. Tettar says please sit. Ritu says I asked parcel for you. Annaro says don’t leave that Nimki. Sweeti says yes who took a stab at slaughtering you ought to be rebuffed. dablo comes. Annaro says Dablo where are you doing. I just got back home. Dablo lays on bed and says think I kicked the bucket. Annaro says for what reason are you saying that I just observed demise. I can’t see my child daed. He says that poison was for me. My dad needed to slaughter me. Babbu says stop it. DAblo says this is valid. Dablo says this Tettar gave you that poison. Tettar says shut up I am your dad. Dablo says would you say you are? Babbu says stop this. Dablo says on the off chance that you were my sibling you would state to tettar for what reason did you take a stab at slaughtering my sibling? He says amma would you cry? Be that as it may, I overlooked this family is of fiends. He says cry on your child’s destiny at any rate if not passing. Annaro is in tears. He says for what reason should I give it a second thought whether you dont. Babbu says what are you attempting to state? You brought her here. I let you know not to agree with her stance. You brought her here and this occurred. Dablo says this Tettar can murder anybody even you. Consider it. I trust you turn human sometime in the not so distant future. He leaves.

Mausi says to Abhi what are you considering? He says Nimki is frantic. Mausi says you said right. In any case, you chide. He says she never tunes in. Nimki comes in. Nimki says how are you Mausi? Mausi says sit I will make you tea. She says yes. Nimki sits with Abhi. SHe syas would you say you are infatuated with moraylal? You wander around a ton with him. He says I called you. Nimki says I called as well. Abi says for what reason was your telephone occupied. She says your telephone was occupied.

Nimki says I bother you a great deal right. He says better believe it yet.. They both state sorry. Abhi says gives up to haveli.

Dablo sits on lunch table. Annaro says where is Rekha? Sweeti says no well. Rekha says I drank toxin and she isn’t well? Dablo says in light of the fact that you heaved poison in our lives. Nimki comes there. Everybody is disoriented. Tettar says what are you doing here? Abhi and assessor come in as well. Nimki says assessor capture the person who blended toxin. Babbu says what are you saying. Nimki says I am your muhiya. I have to spare these individuals. Nimki says babbu you were there as well.

Precap Upcoming Nimki Mukhiya Episode Update: Ganesh tells tettar what Nimki is upto.


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