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Ritu says I will deal with her. Sweeti says you need me to remain with this man? Who powers me consistently. Annaro says he is your significant other. Quit saying this. You need to incite Babu as well. Rekha says you wedded him. Ritu says we should begin life over again. I won’t inconvenience you any longer grieved. Annaro says see he is saying ‘sorry’. you. Tettar says if Babbu conflicts with me I will shoot him. Tettar hacks. Annaro says handle yourself. Tettar says ask that Babu hold my feet and apologize. Annaro says he would. Babu comes in. Everybody prepares the cake. Abhi says this is a wedding flame. Moraylal says yes you and Nimki blow it together. They hear somebody coming in. It’s Tune. Mauha says where is Nimki? He says Abhi I continued calling you. Tune says Babbu came and took Nimki. Everybody is stunned.

Babbu remains on the entryway. Annaro asks Tettar to resist the urge to panic. She says I will converse with him. Tettar says request that he contact my feet. Annaro says do it. Babbu comes in. Babbu contacts his feet. Rekha says he did it? Babu says I truly love my folks. I won’t ever harmed both of you. Annaro says I let you know. Babbbu apologized. Tetar says Sweeti and Ritu.. Babbu says Rekha bring the arti. For greh parvesh. Ritu says for what reason do we need this? Babbu says bring it. Sweeti says I would prefer not to live with this man. annaro says this is her discipline for disregarding her significant other. Tettar says she more likely than not requested that you go to that Nimki. Babbu says to Sweeti take the arti. You would respect my satisfaction and apology in this house. Annaro says what? Ritu says apology? You didn’t do any such thing. I wouldn’t fret. Babu says my satisfaction is outside the house. Nimki goes into the house. Everybody is stunned. Sweeti grins. Rekha says what, this is Nimki. Babbu says go didi. Sweeti does Nimki’s arti. Nimki says you additionally come Babu. Babbu remains with Nimki. Sweeti does their arti. Annro says stop. Babbu says no amma. He holds her hand. Babbu says this is shagun. Nimki says I am your laxmi. Welcome me, I will take shagun from you. Annaro is in stun. Nimki goes into the house with Babbu.

Nimki says I disclosed to Babu I won’t go until you come yet he stooped. So I didn’t need my better half to stoop over and over. Babu says Amma tune in.. Ritu says what did you do. Babu says shut up. Tettar says this isn’t our child or our blood. Babbu says I am atoning for my transgression. Tettar says escape this house. sweeti says you ought to be pleased. You made him a creature. Nimki made him human. Tettar is going to slap Sweeti. Babbu pushes him. Precious stone comes. Babbu slaps him as well. Tettar says you slapped your dad? Babbu says no I slapped Tettar. I let you know, nobody would hurt sweeti now. Tettar says bring my weapon. Babbu puts the weapon on him and says I can take my firearm as well and I shoot well, you instructed me. Nimki says to leave it. Did you bring me here to demonstrate this? This is a family matter. Ask parbatya to cause tea so we to can sit and comprehend this. Tettar says Diamond bring my weapon. Babbu shoots noticeable all around. He says I am sorry father. I would prefer not to hurt you yet I need to apologize for my transgressions. Acknowledge Nimki, I will help you in your decisions. Amma, it would be ideal if you Annaro says I would bite the dust yet acknowledge her. Nimki says you said more than you ought to have. I am Tettr’s DIL and Babbu’s better half. On the off chance that you converse with me like that, individuals would speak the equivalent about you. Annaro is going to hit Sweeti. Babu puts the weapon on her. He says to comprehend what am I saying. Ritu says we should all quiet down and talk. Bring the weapon down. He says to Tettar he can slaughter us.

Abhi comes in. He says Nimki. He slaps Babbu and says how could you. I told ou don’t contact Nimki. Abhi handles Tettar’s neckline. He takes a gander at Nimki. Abhi says Nimki would you say you are alright? Did he hijack you? Sweeti says no. Abhi throttles Babbu. Nimki says leave him. I came here with my decision. Abhi says what are you saying. Sweeti says yes Babbu went to Nimki and persuaded her to come. Abhi says he assaulted you. Nimki says yes yet he changed. He needs to apologize. Abhi says take a gander at him. Nimki says he has changed. Abhi says and you? Nimki contacts her youngster. Nimki says what happened has occurred. In the event that he needs to transform, he merits an opportunity. Give me a chance to fix my family. Annaro says this isn’t your family. Tettar says take her from here. Abhi says they still.. Nimki says the let me fix my family. She puts a hand on her infant knock. Nimki says I will converse with you later. You ought to go. Babbu says I don’t’ have any desire to keep any ill will against you either Abhi. I guarantee you I will keep Nimki extremely glad.

Annaro says Babu kick this young lady out of this house. Nimki says this is a family matter. Babu said he would keep me cheerful. I will live here as his significant other. You ought to go Abhi. Try not to stress over me. She says Babbu, Abhi thinks about me. Try not to mind. Abhi leaves. Nimi says would you welcome us on supper as you did previously? abhi says they all arranged your birthday and they were hanging tight for you. Nimki says I thought they overlooked. Abi says make the most of your birthday with your new family.

Everybody is upset in ghat tola. Ganesh says did she come? Ismail says if Babbu constrained her, we will torch that house. Ganesh says where I nimki? Abhi says in haveli and with her decision. Ramla says she asked Ahi to leaves too. Mono says she left until the end of time? Tune says I don’t have the foggiest idea what is she supposing. Mauha says what is she arranging. Ramla says her heart softened. I got it when she pardoned him. She is thinking as a mother. Abhi says he assaulted her, she considers the tyke? Mauha says she is narrow minded. She couldn’t care less about Abhi or us. She left since she just thinks about her bliss. How might she do that. Moraylal comes. He says you came here? Mausi said we will commend the birthday here so we got the cake. Mauha picks the cake and discards it. Mauha cries. Abhi embraces her. Mono cries as well. Tune embraces him.

Precap-Nimki says I am not that Sita who might sit tight for the Ram. See Babbu, how I ruin your group. I am my own Sita, Ram and Hanuman. Babbu yells outside and battles with everybody. He says nobody would express a word to Nimki. Nimki says the game has begun here.


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