Nimki Mukhiya 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nimki says dablo you noticed too right? He says that poison become for me. tettar says they may be fooling you. you suspect all people might deliver poison to my wife? Abh says what if that person is an insider. Nimki says Dablo what are you eating? give it for your mother too. Ahi shall we go. Tettar can’t breathe. Tettar throws matters in anger.

Nimki comes domestic. song says Abhi you guys are cool now? She says abhi found out her mistake. Abhi says she did too. Nimki says I went to havei. Ramla says are you loopy? Abhi be mad at her. Ahi says I took her. Nimko says see I got chowmen. Mauha says I don’t need to eat it. Nimki says it is so proper. Mauha nad Raml don’t want it. Abhi says Mauha eat it earlier than Nimki finishes. Ramla says handiest for you. they all snigger.

Tettar meets ganesh. Ritu says say what we asked you in court. Nimki can’t do whatever. SHe would be scared. He says i will say I saw Babbu and Nimki at Ram’s house. Nimki stated proper bye and he or she became ok. She hugged and said bye to Babbu. Ritu says now Nimki will learn her lesson.

Ramla says wat about the case. Nimki says please speak to Sweeti. Dablo comes in. song says you.. Is the whole lot ok? Dablo says i am sorry. I couldn’t speak in front of police. What might I say? He wanted to kill me and i was about to make you drink that. Nimki says we are both safe. we are able to see him in court docket. Dalo says I may be your witness. i can inform them what they did to you.

Tettar sees Annaro. He says why did you need to soar in? Couldn’t you sit peacefully? Annaro says did you actually need to kill Babbu? I wish he drank it. he is useless for me on the grounds that he stood with Nimki. Tettar says i’d have killed him lengthy in the past but forestall because of you. ANnaro says kill him. If we should defeat Nimki we will do something.
Precap-Jhariya says how will Babbu stay in jail? Diamond says how lengthy can it’s? Jariya says 7 years.


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