Nimki Mukhiya 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mono is crying. everyone prays for Nimki. Raml says music went to take blood. Mauha says what if he receives overdue. Abhi says i have referred to as moray lal. Mauh says I stored preventing and now when I wanted her.. would she depart me? mono says if anything takes place to her i’d by no means talk to you. Abhi says this is only Tettar’s mistake. Babu says I won’t leave her. the doctor says Nimki’s heart is stopping. they all rush to the door. Nimki can’t breathe.

Annaro says rekha get me up. My returned hurts. Dablo says leave her. DAblo says amma nimki turned into harm too. she is pregnant. imagine what she need to have felt. i am here to tell you, that my relation with you is over. Annaro says what are you announcing. Dablo says you could never be everyone’s mother. Rekha says I noticed myself, she will’t be each person’s. Dablo says rekha is proper annaro devi. she says I gave you start. Dablo says you furthermore mght requested your husband to kill me. i was lifeless that. you can’t be my mom. You requested babbu to kill sweeti. she was raped regular and also you stood with ritu? What type of mom are you?

Sweeti appears at Nimki. Babbu comes. medical doctor says we are attempting but her circumstance is important. Sweeti says could she be k? medical doctor says we can’t say something. Babbu says my child? doctor says it is hard to save both. Babbu sits down in surprise. Babbu says nimki please open your eyes. i am here. He holds her hand. Babu says nimki open your eyes please. not anything will manifest to my baby. health practitioner says exit please. ABhi says please take a look at her circumstance. Babbu says my toddler.. They take him out of doors.Sweeti says medical doctor said they are able to either store the kid or nimki. Mono says save my didi please. Babbu leaves. Abhi says nothing might show up to Nimki.

Dablo says I notion as a minimum you like babbu. And now you trapped him on this? You name your self a mother? How? Annaro says he fooled everyone. Dabo says shuht up. You are not even a woman. you’re only a puppet wife of a disgusting man. He hit Nimki. He didn’t even assume she is pregnant. Wy did you prevent him? after which he did this to you. still you stood by him? you’re a stain on women. He says reka we are able to’t live on this graveyard. percent your matters, we wont’ live. permit this useless frame stay right here. Annro cries. Dablo says in case your husband dies I wont’ even come to his funeral. If we die before you don’t even allow them to come near with the aid of funeral rekha.

Babbu is upset. He cries. sweeti says the entirety could be satisfactory. Babbu says nothing would be first-rate. I lost the entirety. Sweeti says crying wont trade whatever. examine nimki she is still combating. Tune says permit me take mono and ramla home. Mono says I wanna stay right here. abhi says no pass domestic and rest. Mono says to Babbu might you cope with her? He says sure. Sweeti says your own family left you but they’re you circle of relatives now. you need to take care of them. Babbu says you used to tell me kids pay for his or her father’s sins. I did sins, so my baby paid for it? Mauha cries. music takes ramla and mono domestic. Mauha hugs abhi and cries.

Tettar says Babbu is over. He has hit his spouse and mother. he’s accused. He tells chairman. Chairman says why did he do it? Ritu says he is aggressive. Tettar says sure. He can’t control his anger. My wife is so no longer well. she without a doubt cherished Babbu. Tettar says i can do some thing for this seat. Ritu says I don’t assume Nimki could stay.

Precap-Tune asks health practitioner what came about? all of them rush in. Babbu breaks matters in anger.


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