Nimki Mukhiya 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Annaro says I wont probably listen all that. I don’t have a clue what to do. Jhariya says babbu is hitting constable. Annaro says he is vexed. Babu gets back home. Ritu says where were you. He says don’t pester me. Tettar says you must be cautious Ritu says wear something formal. Sweeti says they will think of you as hooligan generally. Annaro says is Dablo dozing? Sweeti says he is the just a solitary one woke.

Ramla says to Nimki drink yougurt before leaving. You’re goin to fihgt your fight. Tune says how about we go. Everybody is outside. Nehar says we are all with you. Ganesh comes as well. Nimki says don’t stress Mauha. You remain home. ismail says yes we as a whole with you. Nehar says we will all run with you. Nimki says I am going alone. Tune says alright how about we go. Mono says I wanna go as well. Nimki says what might you hear there? How babu assaulted me? How he contacted me? I would prefer not to assaulted there once more. Ramla says she is correct. Everybody drones for Nimki. She leaves with Abhi.

Annaro requests that Diamond call Babbu. He says it’s not dialing. Sweeti says there are no signs in court. Dablo says amma don’t get furious. He is an attacker. Annaro says he is your sibling. Dablo says he isn’t. Annaro says request that he leave. Dablo says that wont change the reality. He leaves.

Sweeti says amma eat medication. Annaro says nothing would happen right? Sweeti says I trust equity is finished.

Nimki and Abhi come to court. Legal counselor says don’t contend a great deal. Nimki says OK. Tettar’s legal advisor meets them. Babbu comes there. He strolls past them.

Mauha is furious home. Ramla says for what reason are you furious. Mauha says I needed to go. Tune says Nimki is correct as well. What would you like to see? How was she assaulted? Mauha cries. Ramla says don’t cry. Mono cries as well. Ramla says quiet down. Mauha says life isn’t a book. tune says we will battle our war here. Mauha says yet.. Everybody comes in. Mono says I need to be with her. mauha says what must occur there.

Babbu is brought in.

Precap Upcoming Nimki Mukhiya Episode Update: Babbu’s legal advisor attempts to fault Nimki.


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