Nimki Vidhayak 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mintu says how was my performance? Nimki says good. We have to get clothes. He would wear a jacket. Mintu says jacket in this weather? Nimki says yes, he would always wear one. Vishnu comes and says Mintu. Mintu says I am Babbu now. Vishnu whispers home minister called. We have to go. Nimki says where are you doing? We have to get the jacket. Mintu says you bring it, we will meet later.

Ganga says to Parag have I ever stopped you from doing anything? I always cleared your messes. Let me be in power once. No one would say a word. Till then, don’t dare to do anything. He says when you’re in power, get a new good son. Ganga says I wish I had the power.
Mintu and a lot of boys come outside Ganga’s house and protest. Parag says get out. Mintu says don’tdare touching anyone. Shankar stops Parag. He takes Parag inside. Parag says I will kill them. Ganga says shut up.

Nimki says this Mintu, he left. Why should I care? Nimki says Ramla, make tea for me, please. I am tired. Nimki says Babbu was an idiot. He would wear a jacket this season. Would Mintu wear it? He has to. Nimki says I left the jacket outside. Nimki comes out. She says where is the jacket? Mono says who would take it? Nimki says did he come here? Abhi comes out. He says Nimki you got me a gift? Thank you. Nimki says this is for Babbu. Abhi says what? Ramla says what are you saying. Nimki says I mean, this is for Babbu Yadav. He is a kabaddi player. Abhi says you’re joking. Nimki says yes, he is in the Kabadi committee, Babbu Mishra. Ramla says you said Yadav. Nimki I picked his bag by mistake and he took mine. Abhi says it’s okay. You can get me another gift sometime. Nimki says I gave you Sweeti.

Abhi says turns on the TV. There’s a protest against Ganga. Ramla says she took the land of a poor peasant. Nimki sees Mintu on TV. She is shocked. No one is looking at the TV. Nimki turns the TV off. Nimki says this is all conspiracy. Ramla can never do that. You can keep this jacket. In fact, leave it. I will get you another one.

Mintu and his boys are protesting against Ganga. Parag says why are you not doing anything. Would we wait until the police come? Ganga says let them do what they want. Parag says they’re defaming you. Ganga says I will do my work. In politics, defamations work for you.
Nimki says this Mintu left me and went to the protest? I don’t want anyone to see him. What should I do? Once Annaro is well, I have nothing to do with him.
Ganga says calm down. I feel sorry for his death. We have nothing to do with it. Don’t worry, we will clear everything. Your leader can come to me and talk to me inside. Shankar, arrange tea and refreshments for everyone. Mintu looks at Ganga. He says no, Shukla didn’t ask us to talk. We weren’t paid for anything. Babbu says that farmer died. His family is crying, and you want to shut us up with tea? Ganga says I have seen this girl. Shankar says he saved Nimki from Mishra. Ramla says, Mintu Singh. So he worked for Laxman. Now he works for Shukla. He must know Nimki. Call her.

Shankar calls Nimki. He tells Nimki about the protest. Nimki says I am with Ganga. I know Ganga didn’t do anything. Shankar says she is worried about your friend Mintu. He is playing politics. Nimki says he isn’t my friend. Shankar says Ganga wants you to stop him from doing all this. Nimki says he can go to jail? Let me talk to him.
Nimki calls Mintu. He doesn’t pick the call. He hangs up. Nimki says what is he doing. Only one person can stop him.

Precap-Nimki shows the video to dadi. Someone hits Ganga with a stone. Nimki says Mintu will go to jail now. Dadi faints.


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