Nimki Vidhayak 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Nimki Vidhayak 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Everyone asks Nimki to open the door. She opens the door. Nimki looks at Ram’s photo. Nimki takes the chair in. she says I can’t see Babbu. It wasnt him. It can’t be him. He died. I recalled him because there was a wedding. Abhi says open the door. Nimki says I am changing. Mono says did she marry? Ramla says she can do anything.

Ganga asks Mishra where were you? Mishra says that omkar.. Ganga asks everyone to leave.
Noimki comes out. Everyone asks her what is it? She says I was sleepy. I slept. Ramla says we were so worried. Sweeti says that bridal dress? Ramla says did you mary? She says I did a lot today. i helped two lovers in running. She tells them everything. Sweeti says you shouldn’t have taken such a risk. Raml says we were so worried.

Ganga says Mishra tell me what is it? He says I trusted it. Mishra cries. ganga says what happened? He says Radhika ran from the house. Ganga says what.. She says nothing is more important than family. WHere is she? He says I don’t know. He says I brought her up like a child. He says she texted me she married. Ganga says talk to her. Mishra says I will kill her. Ganga says are you mad.. You can’t do that. gagna asks shankar to keep an eye on Msihra. nimki says don’t worry. I won’t do the same mistake again. Nimki says I do thrill in the house. Ahi sas you shouldn’t take a risk. Ganga might find out.
Mishra calls his thugs and says find out where is she. a man shows him photo of radhika with Nimki. He says so she is playing with me?

Nimki tries to sleep. She says why did I see Babbu? Minut wonders why she called him Babu. Nimki says he is dead. I can’t think about him.

Precap-Nimk sees Mintu again.


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