Nimki Vidhayak 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Nimki talking to the doctor about Anaro. She asks doctor to feed Anaro some how. Doctor asks her to call Mintu back. Nimki asks what are you saying, she got crazy seeing him. Sweety calls her and says Vimla and Monu have come, where are you. Nimki says Chachi is roaming alone. Sweety says Abhimanyu got them here, you also come fast. Anaro shouts my Babbu will come. Sweety asks whose voice is it. Nimki says its a mum who kept fast for her lost son. Sweety asks who. Nimki says leave it, she is just a mum, I will come. Anaro says trust me, my Babbu will come. Nimki goes. Anaro smiles. Mintu talks on call. He asks for his money. He says this money is gone, I have to think something to get money. Pichku asks why. Mintu says we can’t be after anything like that. Pichku asks are you planning to marry Nimki.

Nimki asks Vimla to help her in work, she got lazy. Abhimanyu asks Vimla not to take it seriously. They do arrangements. Pichku says don’t take tension, we will get money by sending Dadi’s parts after she dies. He laughs. Mintu gets angry. He slaps Pichku. Tea vendor asks him to calm down. Tillu comes and says its a big matter, what happened. Pichku says Mintu got mad because of two old women. Tillu says its not time to argue, our home minister Shukla’s man has come, he said he will take us to Shukla, I think he got to know that we protested with Laxman. Pichku says we won’t come. Tillu says his man is sitting at my house, maybe I can’t meet you again if you don’t come. Mintu says we will come.

Nimkiand everyone play. She gets sad thinking of Anaro. Vimla gets the cushion. She says I have won. Abhimanyu asks her to do something like singing. Vimla says I don’t know anything. Elena asks how will you get the prize. Monu shows the gifts. Sweety says acting. Abhimanyu says dance. Vimla says I don’t know dance. He asks Nimki to say what to do. Nimki says let her do anything. Sweety says Nimki is upset, matter can get worse if we call Tunne or Mahua. Abhimanyu says Anaro has kept fast for Babbu. Sweety recalls Anaro.

She says she killed him and now keeping fast, it was better she died with him. Nimki says its right, its a tragedy with women, the inner mum never dies, that’s why I couldn’t leave Anaro till now. Sweety says I m sorry to keep this function. Nimki says no, I want to be part of your happiness. Vimla sings ajeeb dastaan….. Nimki thinks of Babbu and gets singing. She gets a call from doctor. Anaro gets violent. Doctor asks Nimki to do something else they will have to give electric shock to Anaro. Nimki says no way. Doctor says get that guy here, maybe this will help, patient will at least eat something. Anaro attacks doctor and says you don’t value motherly love. Nimki says I have to go to hospital. Sweety look on. Abhimanyu asks shall we come along. Nimki says no, I took her responsibility. She thinks of Mintu. She thinks of making Mintu as Babbu for Anaro.

Precap: Shukla asks Mintu to work for him, stain Ganga Devi’s image. He says I have everything of her black deeds.


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