Nimki Vidhayak 24th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Dadi waiting for Mintu. She talks to the girl’s family. Pichku says Mintu does all the work, he can even cook food. He praises Mintu. She says Mintu went to get my medicine. Pichku says Dadi is going to die. She throws a cushion on him. Dadi asks them to eat samosas. The girl’s dad asks shall we leave, will Mintu come or not. Dadi says we can talk until he comes. The lady says we heard good about him, we want to see him.

Pichku says we will tell you about him, he takes care of everyone. Tillu says he made a girl run away for someone else, the girl was minister’s sister, he had hidden Ashish and sat in his place, he was looking best in groom’s getup. They show marriage mandap pic. Dadi asks them to stop it. Dadi says he didn’t marry anyone. The lady asks did Mintu get married. Pichku says no, Ashish married Radhika, this is Nimki Vidhayak. Dadi says he is real gold. Mintu comes home. Everyone sees him. Mintu has Nimki in his arms. The lady asks what’s going on. Dadi asks why did you get her here, the girl’s family is here. He says her state is bad. The lady says it means he got married. Mintu takes Nimki to room. Dadi goes after him. She says I told you to stay away from her.

Mintu says wait, I will tell you. Tillu says she is looking so pretty. Mintu says Mishra and goons were after her. Tillu asks did Mishra learn about her. Mintu says he didn’t understand that I made Radhika run away with Ashish, I didn’t take Nimki to hospital. Tillu says you did good. Dadi asks what about guests. Mintu asks him to call a doctor. Tillu says I will sit here. Dadi takes Mintu. Pichku says Tillu likes Nimki, I told him that her pairing is good with Mintu. Dadi slaps him. She asks the guests to sit. They refuse for alliance and leave.

Mahua scolds Tunne. He says it needs time to get ready well. He boasts of his looks. Mahua smiles. He says if you loved me truly, you would have not asked me. Monu calls him. Tunne jokes. He asks what happened. Monu says Nimki is missing. Vimla says Abhimanyu is finding her everywhere, he didn’t find her. She cries and says Mishra came to kill her. Tunne asks who. Vimla says I m scared, did anything happen to her. Tunne says don’t worry, maybe she went to watch a movie. Mahua asks who was that minister. Vimla says Mishra. Tunne says we will find out. Monu says Mishra threatened us, please come here.

Vimla asks Mahua to come. Mahua says fine, I will come. She asks Tunne to come along. Nimki wakes up and sees Mintu. He says just now doctor checked you. She gets scared. He holds her and says don’t worry. He does aid to her wound. Dadi asks him to get a rickshaw and send Nimki. Mintu says you got saved from Mishra today. Pichku says you are safe here, Mishra doesn’t know Mintu’s house. Nimki says I have to go home. Dadi says then go, who stopped you. Nimki says I want to go. She falls back. Dadi gets Kamla’s phone. She asks what shall I tell her now. She answers the call and says Mintu has no affair with her, he was helping her, trust me. She goes. Mintu says don’t feel bad, girl’s family came to see me. Pichku says he lifted you in arms and got you home. Nimki asks what. She looks at them. She asks did you get married before. Mintu looks at her.

Precap: Nimki asks Dadi about Mintu, his parents. Ganga sees a pic and says don’t know where she took my son.


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