Nimki Vidhayak 25th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Mintu saying don’t feel bad of Dadi’s words, the girl’s family came to see me. Pichku says Mintu got you in arms. Nimki asks what, did you get married before. Mintu says no, why do you ask such a question, call your family and inform that you are safe. Mahua consoles Monu. Tunne says maybe her phone is switched off. Nimki looks around. She says Babbu would have never touched books in his life. She checks her phone. She talks to Vimpla. She asks why did you call me. Monu says Mishra was looking for you. Vimla tells everything. Nimki says Abhi wants to become a hero, I m at the assembly, I will come home, cook something good for me. She ends the call. Mahua gets angry. He asks Tunne to come with her. Monu asks her to meet Nimki. Vimla says Monu is saying right, stay back, Nimki will like it. Mahua says don’t tell her that I have come here, she didn’t care for anyone, she won’t care ever. Tunne says I m worried for you all, Mishra is after Nimki’s life.

Mahua says what if Abhimanyu wasn’t here. Tunne says you come with me to my house. Mahua says yes, Tunne is saying right. Monu refuses. Mahua says then stay with Nimki. She leaves. Mintu says its good we got to know their truth. Dadi says they were waiting for two hours, you got the girl in your arms. Nimki looks on. Pichku jokes on Dadi’s food. Dadi asks Mintu not to doubt her today. She says I will doubt you now, you got me insulted in front of Kamla.

Mintu says stop it now, you have to take this medicine twice. Dadi says fine, but you listen to me, I will call Pinky’s family tomorrow, stay at home. The ladies come laughing. They ask did Mintu get married. Dadi says I don’t have such fate, Mintu wants me to die like this. Nimki thinks this old woman is Nautanki. The lady asks who is she, Mintu got her in arms. Dadi says she is no one, are you done, run away. She asks Nimki to leave. Tillu comes and says I will go and drop Nimki. Nimki says no, I will go. She gets dizzy. Mintu makes her sit on the sofa. She makes him away. Dadi asks her to just run away. Mintu asks will you have tea. She recalls Babbu. She sees Mintu. She asks will you make tea. Pichku says yes, he does all the work here, Dadi is useless. Dadi throws slipper at him. She taunts Nimki. Nimki asks since when is he your grandson.

Dadi asks what’s this question. Tillu says Mintu is 25 years old, I have taught him everything, I m 24 years old. Nimki asks where are his parents. Pichku says they died in his childhood. Nimki thinks did Tetar had an affair with some lady here. She asks do you know Tetar Singh. Dadi asks her to leave. Mintu asks Dadi not to scold her. Dadi shows the ring she got for Pinky. Dadi goes to scold Mintu. Tillu comes to Nimki. The pics box falls down. Nimki sees the pics of Mintu’s childhood. Ganga gets an old book. She asks Shankar to take photocopy. She sees old pic. Shankar says its not Parag in pic. Ganga gets shocked seeing same pic. Dadi snatches pic and scolds Nimki. Tillu says box fell by mistake. Dadi gets tensed. Mintu comes to her. Ganga asks Shankar to leave. She says she took my child away, don’t know where is he.

Precap: Nimki scolds Mishra in front of Ganga Devi.


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