Nimki Vidhayak 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Nimki to leave. She gets Kamla’s house and says no, that girl isn’t anyone. She stops Nimki and asks her to talk to Pinky’s dad. Mintu says let her go. Nimki says no, I will talk to them. Tillu praises her. Ganga keeps the pic. She gets Mishra’s pic, pointing gun at Mintu and Nimki. She gets Tiwari’s call. He asks how are you, did you see the pic. She asks did Mishra kill them. He says no, are you ready to support me. She says you are showing me a pic and threatening me, I have complete album of yours. He asks what do you mean. She says don’t play pics game with me. Mishra asks goons to shoot Mintu. He gets the pic. He gets shocked. Ganga calls him and says Omkar Tiwari has sent the pic to me. He says I will deal with him, Mintu and Nimki snatched my sister, I will kill them. She says come in 15 mins, else I will show the pic to press. He says fine.

Dadi calls Pinky’s dad. She asks Jamuna did Kamla call her. Jamuna says Mintu was lifting girl in his arms. Dadi says that girl is a minister. Nimki introduces herself. Pinky says I like your dressing sense. Dadi says come to the party. Nimki says Mishra was after my life, I got hurt and fainted, Mintu saved me, I have no relation with him, mass marriage matter was right, marriage didn’t happen, we stood as groom and bride. Tillu says to trick Mishra, I m going to become groom. Jamuna asks is this a joke. She scolds Dadi. Nimki smiles. Dadi gets angry.

Dadi says Mintu didn’t do any marriage. Mintu looks on. Pinky’s dad asks did your marriage happen. Nimki says no. Mintu gets angry and takes phone. He says yes, we love each other. Nimki asks what. Nimki says I don’t want to marry your daughter. Pichku says you didn’t even tell me. Tillu says this isn’t right. Dadi asks did you marry her. Nimki asks why are you lying, marriage didn’t happen, I will file the case. Dadi asks him, to say truth. Mintu says marriage didn’t happen. Dadi asks why did you lie. Mintu says I don’t want to marry Jamuna’s daughter. Nimki says you are making relation with me to break that relation, did you see your face. Dadi says he looks like a hero. Tillu says Nimki doesn’t like Mintu, I m there. Dadi says Mintu is very handsome. Nimki recalls Babbu. She gets away. She gets Ganga’s call. She says fine, I will come. She says I have to go, its imp. Mintu says Mishra would be finding you, I will drop you. She says no, I don’t need you ever. She leaves. Ganga sees Mishra and Nimki. She says media will defame our party, end this matter here. Mishra says its her mistake, she made my sister elope. Nimki says trust me, I have no relation with your sister. Mishra says you are making a story. Ganga says its true, Nimki didn’t know that Radhika is your sister. They see Radhika and Ashish. Ganga says I called them here. Mishra goes to threatn Ashish. Shankar says leave him, calm down Mishra ji. Ganga says marriage happened, now you can’t do anything, he is a nice guy, forgive him, bless him, end the matter here. Mishra asks what, I will kill them. Nimki says this happens in love stories, parents forgive in the end. Mishra says don’t give me Gyaan, else I will kill you.

Ganga asks are you telling this to me. Mishra says no, Nimki… Ashish says forgive us, I promise I will keep Radhika happy. Radhika says yes, I m happy with Ashish, bless us. Mishra shouts. Nimki says give them some money, they will go on honeymoon. Mishra asks did you go mad. Ganga says bless them, there will be press conference, you will tell media that they forgot about caste and got them married. Radhika and Ashish leave. Parag looks on. Nimki says you gave a good idea, Mishra will get famous. She asks her to explain Mishra to stay away. She says he barged into my house and threatened my aunt and brother, I take everything lightly, I get serious when its about my family, I came from a small village, I don’t have much to lose, you have much to lose, don’t anger me, else it will be big loss for you, stay away from my family. Mishra asks are you threatening me. Nimki shouts on him. Ganga looks on.

Nimki says I have won by huge number of votes, there will be something special in me, know my history first, I do comedy in talks, not in work.

Precap: Ganga sees the shooter, who shot at her. He says I told you to shoot at the security guard, if he died, it would be big drama, my plan got failed, why will he get saved. She gets the shooter killed.


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