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Nimki Vidhayak 28 Sep episode begins with Nimki thinking about whether Mintu spared her for humankind. Simultaneously, Mintu clarifies he isn’t enamored with Nimki.

Ganga Devi talks about with Surekha the different fasts in India. Afterward, Parag comes and censures his mom’s activities.

He doesn’t need Mishra to make tracks in an opposite direction from their gathering for Nimki Vidhayak. Ganga Devi is educated that Kameshwar needs to meet in an inn.

Mishra educates he needs Ashish and Radhika till morning. Ganga Devi gets some information about the date which propitious for him to be a home clergyman.

Ganga Devi says when he progresses toward becoming clergyman, he can slaughter Ashish. Parag is intrigued with his mom’s masterstroke.

Nimki is bothered by Mintu’s essence in her life. She wishes to go out to see the films while Chachi needs to remain at home till Mishra’s annoyance dies down.

Nimki discovers that Sweety has kept quick for her little girl and unborn youngster. She asks her not to keep quick in pregnancy.

Mintu discovers that Daadi is having a tumor in her cerebrum. The specialist says they need to work if the tumor doesn’t break up with medication.

Anaro takes organic products to keep the Jitiya quick for Babbu. Mintu incidentally arrives at Anaro’s room and Anaro gets pleased to see him.

Stay Tuned With Us To Know What Will Happen Next In The Nimki Vidhayak

Precap The composed episode of Nimki Vidhayak sequential forthcoming updates: Anaro needs Nimki to bring Babbu for breaking her quick.

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