Nimki Vidhayak 2nd September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shocking! A major attack in the assembly took a fatal attack on Gangadevi, now the Vidhayak Vidhayak will be trapped

Gangadevi will be killed in a fatal attack. Before this, the atmosphere will be very happy. Getting down from the car, Nimki will see Vidhayak Gangdevi …

A shocking twist is on the show Nimki Vidhayak. In today’s episode, it will be shown that as soon as Gangadevi comes out of the assembly, the entire assembly will resonate with his name. Only then an event will be executed.

Actually, in the meantime, a bullet ripping the crowd will hit Gangadevi’s throat. That means there will be a fatal attack on Gangadevi. Before this, the atmosphere will be very happy. Descending from the car, Nimki will look at the Vidhayak Gangadevi and soon after leaving, she will say that she is Vidya Balan of Vidhan Sabha.

On seeing Gangadevi, Mintu Singh will also start shouting slogans saying that Gangadevi is alive. Tiwari is in danger, the whole world belongs to us. This slogan is repeatedly spoken. Meanwhile, Nimki is eager to see the face of the person speaking this slogan loudly. But Nimki misses this time too. That is when Gangadevi is attacked.

Now there will be a twist in the show in which Nimki’s head will suffer. There is a figure of thirty-six between Tiwari and Gangadevi. Inside, Tiwari is stung inside. Because Gangadevi favors Nimki and believes that Nimki is perfectly fine. After this, Gangadevi Keys will come to life in which Nimki will be seen trapped. Meanwhile Nimki will also be blamed.


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