Nimki Vidhayak 3rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The doctor says Nimki called me on time. Otherwise, she would have a brain hemorrhage. The doctor says I gave her medicine. Mintu shows her old prescription to her and says she is having these. Doctor says this medicine? Dadi says what are these? Mintu takes him outside. Mintu’s friend says to Nimki why are you here?? She says I came to meet Mintu. You stay in limits.
Dadi says I am fine. I was making a video. I fainted. Mintu says I have told you so many times don’t get tired. Take some rest. Nimki says in heart he is so different from Babbu. He cares about his dadi. Babbu didn’t care about anyone. Nimki says Mintu I have to talk to you. He says thank you for saving dadi’s life. I can never return that favor. Nimki says I am giving you a chance to return

the favor. Mintu says how? Nimki says you have to come to me with somewhere. Dadi says he won’t go anywhere. Nimki says if I didn’t come here your dadi wont’ be alive. Annaro, the woman in hospital, she wants to meet you. She needs you. She is waiting for you. Because of Annaro I came here and could save your dadi’s life. I came here because of her. Save Annaro’s life now. Please.
Annaro says my Babbu won’t forget me. He would come for his mom. Nimki comes in. Annaro says my Babbu? You didn’t bring him? I won’t eat anything. I will die hungry. Nimki says I won’t let you die. Mintu comes in. Annaro is dazed. Babbu walks in. Babbu says amma.. Annaro says Babbu? You came. She walks and falls. Mintu holds her. Annaro caresses his face and says you came. I knew you would come. Annaro says how are you? You have become so weak. Nimki asks Mintu to stay silent. Nimki says tell her Babbu you’re dieting. He says yes mom. I am not able to eat the food that you cook. Nimki says now eat something please, Babbu is here. Nimki calls in the Doctor. They bring food. Annaro says I won’t eat this. I will eat that food. Babbu you touch that food. Mintu recalls he came there earlier and she reacted the same way.

Mintu opens the basket, it has fruits inside. Annaro says I saved it for you. He says would you eat it? Annaro says yes. I will eat whatever you make me eat. Nimki says make him eat Babbu ji. Mintu makes Annaro eat an apple. Annaro cries and eats it. She recalls her moments with Babbu. Annaro says you eat this lollipop. Mintu says I don’t eat this. Annaro says you loved it in childhood. Mintu says I will eat it. You eat this apple. Nimki says he is talking in a different tone to tease you. Babbu says yes you eat amma. Annaro cough. Nimki makes Annaro drink water and says he isn’t running anywhere. Eat slowly. Annaro says never leave me Babbu. Nimki says Babbu massage your mom’s feet.

Mintu gets a call. He says dadi I am in hospital dadi. Don’t worry. Is everything okay? Dadi says come back soon. Don’t get involved in that girl. Mintu says why would I? Annaro says how is your dadi? She must speak against me. Don’t listen to. Mintu says Nimki ji let’s leave. Annaro says you call her ji now? Don’t make her a queen. I won’t let you go anywhere. I will be fine. You will take me home and we will live together. We won’t kick Nimki out either. Nimki recalls how she kicked her out. Annaro puts her head in his lap and says I wanna sleep. Mintu says sleep. Annaro says how is Dablo? And Rekha? He says everyone is fine. Annaro says how id Diamond? Are you taking care? Mintu says home, I kept it in the closet. Annaro says what? Nimki says he means Diamond is home. He has started a business of closets. Annaro says never leave me Babbu. I have cried a lot for you.

Precap – Nimki says to Mintu how do you even put up with this woman? Mintu says I won’t hear a word against my Dadi. I left her alone there because of you. Only because you saved Dadi’s life. Nimki says relax, nothing happened to her. She only fainted. Mintu says enough. Our paths are different. Nimki says I don’t want to see your face either. He leaves.


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