Nimki Vidhayak 6th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mintu bring Storm to Nimki’s life? Star Bharat’s show Nimki Vidhayak is popular among the audience due to its twist and turns. The show has an interesting twist these days.

Star India show Nimki Vidhayak has got an interesting twist these days. Now Mintu Singh is going to be in front of Nimki in the show. Currently, Nimki and Mintu’s grandmother will meet in the upcoming episodes. Nimki and Mintu may also meet after meeting Dadi.

Today in the show, it will be shown that Nimki is slowly going out of Ganga Devi’s room from the hostel, when Ganga Devi stops her. Ganga Devi says that she is checked up. To which Nimki says yes. After this, Ganga Devi will say that she knows that she has come into the room under the guise of Nimki and the doctor. After this Nimki sits next to Ganga and Ganga gives her chocolate from Dubai. Nimki says that she will take one chocolate each for Auntie and Monu. On which Nimki says that my brother and aunt are in the family.

On the other hand BDO Babu is thinking of the name of the child to be with his wife Sweetie. Sweety says that she will name her child Babloo, to which Abhimanyu objectes. Sweety says that he is not letting Babbu name it for Nimki. Mintu takes Dadi to the hostel on the pretext of showing the film.

The show will further show that Anaro yells babbo-babbu in a locked hostel in the room. Mintu then leaves the room with Grandma. Anaro calls Babu on seeing Mintu. Dadi gets shocked hearing this name. During this, Mintu’s grandmother and Nimki also meet.

In such a situation, fans are excited to know whether the meeting of Mintu and Nimki will bring the storm in the life of Vidhayak Sahiba? Is Mintu Singh the last season’s villain Babbu Singh?

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