Many TV serials of the 80s like ‘Ramayana’, ‘Mahabharata’, ‘Shaktimaan’ have been re-launched due to the lockdown. There is a lot of craze among people about these TV shows. Right there Viewers are also happy about Chopra’s hit ‘Mahabharata’ serial. Famous actor Nitish Bhardwaj, who played the role of Shri Krishna in ‘Mahabharata’, started his Instagram debut recently. Along with Industa Debut, Nitish shared a video and shared a comment with him.

Actually, Nitish Bharadwaj has recently made an Instagram debut. He has shared a video on Instagram. In this video, he is very happy to tell his fans about the spark that happened to him. In the video, Nitish told that 35 lakh people have seen this video so far and reached 12 million people. Nitish is so happy about this that he also said that after Instagram, now he will join Twitter and YouTube soon. So that he can be closer to his fans and can share interesting stories and stories from ‘Mahabharata’ to Geeta.

In the video shared on Instagram, Nitish Bhardwaj says that he is no god. Many people say to him that you are indeed Krishna On this, Nitish held both his ears and said that I am no god. Actually, God is inside everyone, just to identify himself if needed.

In a recent interview, Nitish Bhardwaj had told that in ‘Mahabharata’, he was first invited to audition for the role of Vidur, not Krishna. But being a young age of 24, Ravi Chopra offered him the role of Lord Krishna instead of Vidur and thus changed Nitish’s life.


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