NTR Junior Fans Brutally Trolls Meera Chopra For Liking Mahesh Babu Meera Files Police Complaint

Fans of film stars often cross the limits in the craze of their favorite star. The same happened with https://pornoschatz.com/videos/2-frauen-1-mann Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Meera Chopra, whom NTR Junior’s fans trolled on Twitter so much that the actress had to complain to the police. Meera has requested action against troll accounts by tagging the Hyderabad police on Twitter.

What is the whole matter

On Tuesday, Meera Chopra posted a #AskMeera session on Twitter. A fan asked about his favorite actor in Telugu cinema and to define NTR Junior in one word. Meera wrote on this – I do not know them. I am not his fan. Another fan requested to https://pornoschatz.com/videos/2-maenner-1-frau see NTR Junior’s films Shakti and Dammu, and said that after this she will become a fan. Meera wrote on this – Thank you. no interesting. Meera had described her favorite actor Mahesh.

Just then the fans of NTR Junior fell behind Meera. They were threatened with misdemeanors, including lewd abuses and nouns.

Question to NTR

Coming to the abyss of abuse and trolling, Meera tweeted to NTR Jr., in which she wrote – I did not know that I would be abused to like Mahesh Babu more than you and your fans would send such bad things to my parents. What kind of fan following makes you successful? And I hope I will not ignore this tweet?

Police and Twitter complaint

When the trolls did not stop the abuse, Meera tagged the cybercrime police and the Hyderabad police – I want to report all these accounts, who are threatening to rape and kill me. Unfortunately, these are all NTR Junior’s fan clubs. Twitter, I request you to look into this matter. Suspend these accounts. With this, a written complaint has also been lodged with the police.

By the way, this bitterness between the fans of two superstars has also been seen in Bollywood. Often the fans of Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan keep raunchy comments on each other’s favorite stars. Stars also often appeal to fans not to do so. Fans have to understand that their choice cannot become everyone’s choice.

Bollywood actress Meera Chopra surprised everyone by tweeting on her Twitter account on Tuesday. Meera told that the fans have misbehaved with her. Meera had a Question Answer session with her fans, in which Meera was answering the questions of the fans. Meanwhile, a fan asked Meera about Junior NTR. Meera said in response that she does not know Junior NTR. She is not his fan.

Due to this thing of Meera, Fan’s buildings were hurt and he got angry. This thing did not end there, that person also made lewd comments to Meera Chopra on Twitter . Some people even called him a porn star. Not only this, people became insensitive even so that they wrote that Mira Chopra’s parents should die from Corona. Meera got angry after being so trolled. Meera made a complaint against some such people in cyber police.

Meera Chopra also tagged Junior NTR (Jr NTR) and asked, is it just because I am Mahesh Babu’s fan and not yours, so your fans will abuse me? Meera has written that hopefully you will not ignore my tweet. However, no response has come from Junior NTR yet.

After this controversy, people are supporting Meera Chopra on Twitter and trending #WeSupportMeeraChopra. Fans of Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan and Asim Riaz have come out in support of Meera Chopra. Meera Chopra who is the cousin sister of Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, she has also worked with Bollywood in Tamil and Telugu films. Meera was currently seen in the film ‘Section 375’.


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