Nusrat Jahan Shares Honeymoon Photos, Friend Mimi Chakraborty Done This Funny Comment

Bengali actress and Trinamool Congress MP Nusrat, who has gone on honeymoon at this time. Nusrat and Nikhil Jain were married in June 19, in Bondur Town, Turkey, but they did not go on both honeymoon due to their busy schedules. Nusrat shares some pictures of honeymoon with his Instagram account.

In the pictures they are looking in the Western Look. He is wearing a white colored top, with black strips and a pawn in his hand. He is wearing sunglasses with light makeup in which he looks smart enough.

Mimi’s funny commentary on Nusrat’s photo is that

Nusrat and Mimi know how good friends are. In each of the actress’s wedding functions, Meemi appeared with them. Apart from this, both were seen in Parliament as well. So how do they lose by commenting on Nusrat’s honeymoon photo? Mami has made a big comment on Nusrat’s photo. Mimi wrote, ‘honey how is the moon‘.

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