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Don’t Journey started as a short film with suspense, thriller, love and romantic zoner. It then created a buzz in the audience. Brahmaji’s son Sanjay Rao made his first appearance and created a media attention. Mahesh Babu, Chiranjeevi, NTR, Prabhas and Anil Ravipudi are doing the film and the hype has been created. Amidst these circumstances, it is necessary to review the story of the film to see how it was released on March 6th.

O Pitta Katha Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

Venkatalakshmi Uraf Venky (Nityashetty) is the daughter of a theater owner in Kakinada. Growing up as a motherless child He is familiar with Prabhu (Sanjay Rao) who works in their theater. At the same time, Mena, who landed in Kakinada from China, approached Bawa Krish (Vishwanth). However, under unforeseen circumstances, Venkatalakshmi is kidnapped. Prabhu and Krish are suspicious. Inspector Ajay Rao (Brahmaji) gets into the field. Prema Pipasi Full Movie Download

Who kidnapped Venkatalakshmi? Why Prabhu and Krrish? What was the original reason for Venkatalakshmi’s kidnapping? How did Ajay Rao’s investigation go? How do you identify those who kidnapped Venkatalakshmi? Did Venkatalakshmi return safely? The answer to the question of who kidnapped Venkatalakshmi in Krish and Prabhu is a pittakatha.

A short twist with the scene of Venkatalakshmi’s kidnapping goes into the story. Establishment of characters after that is quite routine. The lack of emotional content makes one doubt whether the film is plain. But the alertness of the story increases as the original story begins 20 minutes before the interval. As the scenes between Vishwanth, Nityashetti, and Prabhu’s entry become fieldgood, the pace of the story increases. The Brahmaji Investigation further enhances Josh. The first part ends with a small twist.

The second part becomes the main attraction of the story. Fast-paced events, twists and turns that suits the film. The drama between Prabhu and Krish is good. Prabhu’s comedy scene with Balaraju is a fun film. The twists that come to the end are like choking the audience. At the end, Venkatalakshmi’s kidnapping drama makes more sense. Overall, the ending of the story with a happy mood changed the film positively.

Attempting to make magic with the kissing screenplay of the first film director is a success. Otherwise the story is more focused on the feeling. Some crumbling, routine scenes in Faustaf can cause embarrassment. Otherwise, the attempt to combine comedy, suspense and thriller elements in the second half mirrors the talent. As a writer he succeeds in exploding dialogues. Overall he made his point in making the film a clean entertainer. The director of the first film can be said to have beaten the full marks, taking care not to miss any stage.

Sanjay Rao has not seen any bark in the face of the camera for the first time. Dialogue Delivery, gestures are not good. But there was still a need for performance improvements. When it comes to the universe, Krish has gotten into a multi-shaded character. Maturity is seen in terms of acting rather than looking different from past films. The evergreen cheetah has been puzzled with performance as a child. If not, there is still some caution in terms of glamor. Balaraju entertained a new style. The actor who portrayed the role of Nityashetti’s father was very different than the previous films. He has a good character with good scope.

When it comes to technical departments. The music provided by Praveen Lakkaraju is good. Background score in the second half took several scenes to another range. The songs are also Feelgood. Sunil Kumar blends Godavari and Konaseema beauty. Each frame was made to be pleasant to fill with much greenery. There is scope for some editing in Faustaf.

Bhavya Creations is best known for producing clean image films in Tollywood. Producer Ananda Prasad succeeds in presenting a fun story to the audience according to his passion. The effort to promote smaller films is appreciated. The selection of cast members is quite optimal until the film. The success of Ottapatti Movie may seem like joining a grand creation account.

Sussense is a love story film with thriller Jonar. The main strength of the film is the screenplay of new stars and director. Unexpected twists in the story can be a thrill for the audience. Even though the first part goes on as a routine, the twist in the second half is of interest to the audience. The twist in the climax is that the brain is sharpened, making it a plus point. Given the popularity of the Bee and the Sea Center in the current situation. the chances of a good success are high.

Not every short film in Tollywood is created by hype. It requires a lot of publicity to make a small movie go public. It should also be diverse enough to attract an audience. Otherwise you have to advertise with superstars who have good image in the audience. Actor Brahmaji chose this second path. Brahmaji, who selected his son Sanjay Rao for a short film ‘O pitittakatha’, used super stars for the campaign. Megastar Chiranjeevi came to the film’s pre-release event and promoted it. Young Tiger NTR also tweeted about the film. Amidst lukewarm expectations, the film came out in front of the audience on Friday.

Storyline is as simple as the title of ‘O Pittakatha’ .. Venkatalakshmi movie theater owner Veeraraju raises his one-footed son Venkatalakshmi (Nityashetti). Being a motherless child, the daughter does not get any deficiency. Prabhu (Sanjay Rao) and Venkatalakshmi in Veerraju Theater are in love. It did not know this thing. At this point, Krish (Vishwanth), the younger sister of Veera Raju, suddenly runs out of China. Maradalni pellicesukuntanani wins uncle. This is answered in the order disappears. What was the original Venkatalakshmi? Did Prabhu do anything? How did this Triangle Love Story end? That is a movie.

The story line of the director’s kiss was short, but it ran well with the screenplay. Especially the strength of the secondhand cinema. Faustaf does not seem to be a big thrill. The story goes on very slowly. The truth is that we are bored. But the film’s root varies from interval. The highway is up. Tvistulu on tvistula cause us to wonder. Rising heights of Krrish heights give a good thrill. Feeling a little disappointed to see the second half of the film nilabettesindane phastaph’ll be out of the theater.

Until the film’s climax, the viewer cannot capture the point of who the villain is and who the hero is. The director who is so well-locked. If there is anything wrong with the film, it is entertainment. The film seems too boring to go too flat. The comedy pairing in the middle, however, was not well-received. However, the comedy scene in which Venkatalakshmi and Prabhu’s roles are linked to Rahul Dravid’s ad before the movie starts in the theater has exploded. The whole comedy workout in the film seems to be more entertaining. There is no big trouble, though. Perfect movie that audiences love thrillers.

When it comes to actors. Brahmaji’s son Sanjay Rao seems to be Parvalla. This is the first film that has made its mark in some scenes. Vishwant has done full justice to his role. Variations are shown very well in the character. The heroine is always hooked on cue acting. As a daughter, girlfriend, she was impressed with her performance. Brahmaji’s new role as Police Inspector Give him such roles. All the other actors acted out of range of their roles.

The film is technically very rich. Sunil Kumar’s cinematography in particular is very good. Not just horror movies like Jersey .. Camera gimmicks that work for thriller movies are shown elsewhere in the movie. The Oracle beauty showcased under the name Araku has been unveiled on screen. The village beaches around Kakinada and Amalapuram and beach soyas are just as good. Drone shots are particularly good in Ooty. Praveen Lakkaraju’s background music is another major attraction. Also, two of his songs are good. The architectural values ​​of the grandiose creations are good.


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