Ohara Sakurako
Ohara Sakurako’s organ playing scene that also works as an artist – (C) 2018 “Organ of that day” Production Committee

From the movie ‘ That day’s organ ‘ starring Featuring Toda Erika and Sakurako Ohara (released February 22), the main video of the chorus scene Ohara plays the organ is released.

This work is a story depicting the true story of the mothers who challenged to evacuate nursery school for the first time in the end of the Pacific War. A life struggle of heroines trying to defend the lives of children while drawing over many difficulties will be drawn, starting living at 53 children and “evacuated nursery school” to a desolate temple far from the parent . Ohara who plays an active part as an artist sings with the organ and sings out the scene chorusing with the children this time.

In this scene, though I always decided to evacuate, my heart will also seem to be blown up, with the ruining of Boro Temple, the evacuation destination I have reached. However, Mr. Ohara Ohara sensei ‘s organ and bright singing voice reverberates, Mr. Kaede who arranges the luggage and prepares for the appearance of cheerful nursery rhymes, warm organ sounds, and smiling children Toda) and so on are healed.

It is a scene to leave an impression that it can be said that this organ performance continues to support the harsh evacuated nursery school though it is much despair. Ohara ‘s multifacetedness which has been leaping not only as an actress but also as an artist has been demonstrated to the fullest, such as having decided the best album sale and a national hall tour with the fifth anniversary of debut.

Such Ohara the case was a time that had dreamed of nursery teacher to child, enjoy back at the shooting “Anyway hard, and had been kept in mind to entertain. Will flow away all looking at the children smile you. as I have once in a while when I think to! the (innocent too and) properly (laughs), because such a good place what natural facial expression other than the children of your play of this work, there is not me playing with nature in reverse I am glad that I was photographed while healing with a smile.


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