Ohara Sakurako
Ohara Sakurako, Toda Erika

Sakurako Ohara attended the opening memorial setting of the movie ” The Organ of That Day ” held at Shinjuku Piccadilly on 23rd, proudly saying “I am proud” to have received “Love’s Binta” from Toda Erika in the movie Told. Director Naoki Tanaka ( Cocorico ), Director Emiko Hiramatsu also entered.

This work that depicts the true story of young nursery teachers who struggled to defend the lives of 53 children in the late Pacific War. Toda who overlooked the venue filled with a lot of spectators gave a big applause from the hall when calling “Enjoying … not it, did it get there?” Toda who showed a smile like that, “Perhaps the one who first watched today may have been a heavy story, but maybe she stood up and watched, but Mr. Saku (Ohara) played Michan I think that it was a smile to the brightness of the people. ”

The following Ohara also said, “Thank you for having you come and watch early today and thank you for coming to see”, “I think that it is a movie that we can talk with each other among the customers after we finish.” This time we are talking I am thinking, but I hope you will enjoy the time after that. ”

In the play there is a scene that Kaede (Toda) who is a leader of nursery teacher raises his / her hand unexpectedly to the naughty nursery teacher Shigeto (Ohara), but as for that, “It is not quite done by people Ohara talks as if it is caught, “When you do vexa, thinking that people feel hurt as soon as they feel hurt.When a cut is applied, forget about being Mi-chan It has become. ”

To Toda against Toda against Toda, “I have had experience until things like doing a bala or kicking in the past”, but I will surprise the venue by chance, but with plenty of fun, “Add a play” and add the venue I did not. “There were many people who were used to receiving it because they were male opponents so far, although there is not much to be nervous when doing the action, I was nervous because it is the first time for me to do a bita for a woman.” I looked back.

About director Hiramatsu said, “One day ago or two days before shooting, Mr. Toda asked Mr. Toda,” There is a scene to do a bitterly, but what if you will not let me make a hit? “,” I will do it normally ” And then supplementing while looking back at 180 degrees and looking back to Toda’s laughing appearance, I told Mr. Ohara “to hit”, Ohara also told Shimizumi “I am proud of you receiving a bina from Toda I showed up and wrapped up the venue with laughter.


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