Operation Gold Fish Full Movie Leaked Online In HD Quality For Free Download By Piracy Website Tamilrockers 2019

Operation Gold Fish Telugu Full Movie Leaked Online To Download By Tamilrockers 2019

Anytime before Jeevitha Rajasekhar is a little more. This is why the recent guest of the recent ‘Operation Goldfish’ movie pre-release event, Jeevitha, did not immediately give reviews of the film. After two or three days, it is good to give reviews. Maybe she was predicting the ‘Operation Goldfish’ movie result. How is the movie ‘Operation Goldfish’ released today (October 18)? Did Adi Sai Kumar get Star Dum with this film? Let us know in the review whether the operation has been successful.

‘Operation Goldfish’ directed by Adi Saikiran Long Gap, which provided the audience with sensible films like ‘Vinayaku’ and ‘Kerintha’. Adi Saikumar has been cast as NSG Commando in the film.

When it comes to film story, the story of Commando Operation woven on the basis of some realities in the wake of the cancellation of Article 370 of Terrorism. The theme of the film is how the terrorists play. Kaaviyyan Full Movie Download

Ghazi Baba (Abburi Ravi) is a merciless terrorist. He is engaged in terrorist activities to spread his religion and invade Kashmir. Kashmir massacre of Pandit and forced conversions with them. Journalist Hemant is brutally murdered by Ghazi Baba in an attempt to expose his anarchists. Ghazi Baba then comes to Hyderabad to expand his terrorist activities. Commando Arjun Pandit, who is under surveillance of him, arrested Ghazi Baba with rescue operation. Ghazi Baba’s main follower Farooq (Manoj Nandan) arrives in Hyderabad to free him. Farooq writes a plan to free Ghazi Baba by kidnapping the daughter of Central Minister Sharma (Rao Ramesh). This operation is named ‘Operation Goldfish’. How did the hero know this operation? Who is that goldfish? That’s the rest of the story.

At the beginning of the film, the director discusses Commando Operations, Terrorism and Kashmir, and feels that the content is of good depth. However, when the story of ‘Operation Goldfish’ shifted to college, it is not known. College is the backdrop to the story of the series. The four characters, the comedy and the love tracks overtake the original story. Seriousness is lacking in dealing with the issue of Kashmir and terrorism.

The story continued until Farukh’s kidnapping of the Central Minister’s daughter. The twist itself seemed thrilling. He did justice to his role as Adi Serious as NSG Commando. However, in the second half, four friends, King Karthik, Salman (Nukaraju), Tania (Shasha Chhetri), Nitya (Nitya Naresh) go on tour, Farooq’s attempt to kidnap their daughter’s daughter.

Love track, comedy scenes between the four of them. The conversations weren’t even that impressive. Comedian Nukaraju, impressed with his slang language in the film, bored the film with punches. Kartik Raju’s performance was good. However, Airtel model Shasha Chhetri has struggled to cope with the film. In some scenes she does not know whether her expressions are laughing or crying. Nitya Naresh gave good performance. Rao Ramesh in the role of a ministress, performed well. The lack of scope for his role is another minus.

It seems very cinematic to say, ‘India came from Pakistan .. kidnapped the minster’s daughter .. only to leave the captive terrorist. Does the director give any twist even at the climax? In the old movies, the hero and the villains are easy enough to swap suits for smuggling. There are a lot of scenes in the movie. The reason why Abururi Ravi, who made his debut as a villain, was justified in his role as a terrorist is unknown to all the scenes.

The director gave a boring treat to the whole story. Most of the scenes are far from reality and the narrative is weak with routine scenes. Sri Charan Pakala’s music is just as endless. The director’s take and action episodes were interesting, but the lack of strength in story and narrative made Operation Goldfish a spectator.


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