Pakistan’s pauperis is not hidden from anyone.

Pakistan, the Finance Minister has come to the verge of waste, confession of bankruptcies, now the only option to take the loan
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Pakitan’s crisp condition has now been exposed by Pakistan’s Finance Minister Asad Umar. Asad Amar said that Pakistan’s value loan has reached such an alarming height that the country has come near the brink of bankruptcy. Talking about the economy of the country, the Finance Minister said on Wednesday that we are going to the International Monetary Fund with a heavy tax burden. We have to overcome the huge difference. He said, if PMLN saw the number of times, dearness was in the tenth digit, we are thankful that it has not touched that level right now.

Finance Minister, Geo News, said that as before, the inflation has not touched the tenth digit as before. Omar has a recession in the economy as a result of which the rate of employment is slow. He said, ‘You are saying that all my policies are like Ishaq Dar, Ishaq Dar says that I dumped the economy. During his tenure, there was no first time investment in Pakistan’s history. Dollar has become stronger due to the earlier economic policies and because of this we have so much loss as a country. This is the value of demand and supply.’

Economic experts believe that due to rising inflation in the ten digits and the pace of economic growth below three percent, the country could be trapped in inflation-related recession. There is a rise in the price of goods and services in the inflation-prone recession. In this situation economic growth slows down and unemployment rate increases.


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