Pakistan Plane Accident Top model Zara Abid dies in Pakistan plane crash accident!

Many people have died in a plan crash on Friday in Karachi, Pakistan. Actually, a Pakistan International Airlines plane crashed into a dense residential area minutes before landing at Karachi Airport. The aircraft had a total of 99 people, including 91 passengers and eight crew members. After this accident, news is coming that Pakistani model Zara Abid has also died in this plane crash. However, many reports say that Zara Abid has been saved.

Many Pakistani journalists have also confirmed his death on Twitter and his fans also started tweeting after this news. However, this news is not confirmed yet. At the same time, many friends of Zara have informed that she was on the flight which crashed in Karachi. There are also reports that only a few people on board the aircraft have survived and most of the passengers have died.

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In such a situation, if there were questions in Zara plane, it is very difficult for them to escape. According to Pakistani news channel Geo TV, Zara was traveling with this flight and only three passengers boarding the flight have been rescued. According to the TV report, the three survivors include the model’s name. In such a situation, tweets are being continuously tweeted on social media.

Journalist Zain Khan confirmed on his Twitter handle that Zara Abid has not survived the plane crash. His friends and fans are also expressing condolences. At the same time, many well-known personalities of India have expressed their grief over this accident that happened in Pakistan. Many Bollywood celebs have also expressed their condolences for the accident, including Anil Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Raveena Tandon, Anubhav Sinha, etc.

Then it was heard: “Mayday, mayday, mayday” (call for help). The connection was lost and a few moments later, the plane, which took off from Lahore, crashed not far from the airport in Karachi.

A Pakistani company official said that the pilot talked about technical problems in a conversation with the flight control, including the failure of both engines.

The development log confirms engine problems. He was then informed that both runways were free for landing, after which contact with the aircraft was lost.

Moments later, the plane crashed into a populated area in Karachi, trying to land at the international airport in that city. According to sources, the plane crashed about four kilometers from the airport.

Footage from the crash site shows parts of the plane and severely damaged objects.

The exact number of dead and survivors is still unknown, but initial reports say at least 57 people were killed and at least two survived. However, it is feared that the number of dead is much higher.

An official of the Pan-Pan company told Dunya News that information was being collected. According to him, there were 99 passengers and six crew members on the plane, although reports from some other media say that 91 passengers with eight crew members were traveling.

Aircraft capacity reduced due to pandemic
An Airbus 320 plane that can carry about 180 passengers crashed. Capacity is reduced due to physical distance measures.

The accident happened only a few days after commercial flights were allowed in Pakistan, which were banned due to the pandemic.

Dunya News also published a complete list of passengers, stating that there were 51 men, 31 women and nine children on the plane. Among the passengers were TV journalist Ansar Nakvi and famous model Zara Abid.

According to witnesses, the plane first hit a house. It is not known if there are any victims on earth. Rescuers found a black box that was handed over to the investigating authorities.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said he was shocked and promised an urgent investigation.

What is the safety of flying in Pakistan

When it comes to plane crashes in Pakistan, three big ones have been recorded in the last ten years. The plane of the company “Erblu” crashed near Islamabad and on that occasion, 152 people were killed. It is the worst accident in the history of Pakistan.

A Boeing Air Boeing 737-200 crashed in Rawalpindi in 2012, killing 121 passengers and six crew members.

The plane of “Pakistan International Airlines” caught fire while traveling to Islamabad. On that occasion, 47 people were killed.


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