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Seven decades after Independence, caste discrimination is creating worse conditions. Attacks between the upper castes and the dalits are plaguing society. In Chundur, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and many other parts of the country, the caste domination continues to reign. The society that has witnessed so many atrocities is unable to wipe out those bloody stains. It is those circumstances that are trying to divide the regional inequalities and divide them wisely.

Palasa 1978 Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

Based on such events, many progressive films have surfaced on the silver screen. The latest film on the caste discrimination, Caste Aastram Palasa 1978. What feelings and thoughts did the film by writer Karuna Kumar evoke? If you want to know what the feelings are, the original Palasa 1978 should be reviewed. Anukunnadi Okati Ayindi Okkati Full Movie Download

The disparity between upper-class families and the lower classes in Palasa during the 80s is severe. The small castes are so viciously attacked that the mile falls when they touch the water. Mohan Rao (Rakshit) and Rangarao (Thiruvir) scream at the village youths who live their lives singing such songs. This creates an atmosphere of confrontation between the top and the outer castes. In the village, the big shawkar who provokes friction, the guru Shahrukar (Raghu Kuncha) begins to face injustice.

Why did artists Mohan Rao and Rangarao become rowdy? To what extent are the differences between the big and the small dead? What events led to the killing of the elder Shaukkaran? How did the two young men confront the young Shawkar? What is the situation of Police Officer Sebastian (Vijay Ram) who tried to end Faction? Palasa 1978 is the answer to many questions about what sacrifices Mohan Rao and Rangarao had to make in order to confront the aggressors.

The story begins on a serious note with Mohan Rao killing his rival, who is supposed to be dead in the village. The atmosphere of the ’80s, the new look on the screen, and the scenes that have been on the screen since the beginning, have aroused interest in the audience. The story goes back to the 80s, when a retired constable was told of Mohan Rao. Scenes are set in the first half, with village factions, politics, love and emotion added. Two young people who believe in art appear to be interested in swapping rowdyism. The first part concludes with a power packed, emotional scene with actors’ impressive performance and bulletproof dialogues.

The film appears to have taken another level with the second Murder Scene. But after the second half, the film seems to have changed into a routine format. Otherwise the twists, the action scenes, the emotional scenes, the dialogues are what saved the secondoff rather than the drop. At the end there were attempts to solve the problem in the story, highlighting Sebastian’s character. Holding the book in one hand at the crossroads of the village. And when there is a god who attaches Ganesha’s neck? The reason why Ekalavu did not create a god with a finger pointing to the director’s criticism is that the film was perfect.

Director Karuna Kumar has made magic with his own screenplay. In each frame, the commercial and arts formats in the first part are admirable, enabling the viewer to think and delight. But when it comes to the second half, the magic seems to be a bit of water. When you look at the Palasa 1978 film, Karuna Kumar is the first film director to feel the same. The passion for the arts is evident in the way each scene is screened. The director’s impatience and dissatisfaction with society is evident on the screen. How much success as a director .. Even as a writer in the range.

Mohan Rao’s role was the backbone of the 1978 film Palasa. Has Rakshit Parakaya entered the role? Feeling called. Character with many shades made it easy to drink good water. He was an all-round talent in conveying gestures, telling dialogues and cultivating love scenes. Thiruvir also played the role of Rangarao. As a raging young man, Rakshit played a rivalry. The stellar character also became an added attraction for the film, impressed with her beauty and compliment.

In the case of the actors, Raghu Kunju is a stunning performer. Gurumoorthy’s role has proven that Raghu is another good actor who is known as a singer, music director and host to date. Types of Variations Another actor is as lively as a lip shaker. Recently Lakshman Meesala, who has been making a distinctive appearance on the Telugu screen, once again showed his grief. The character was adapted to body language and became an esset for the film. Tamil actor Vijay Ram (Sebastian) and Praveen Endamuri are the key to the film.

When it comes to technical aspects .. Palasa 1978 has been a fantastic film with a background score. Recording some scenes took it to another level. The music helps to keep the tempo and emotions in the story steady. Another strength of the film is the dialogues. Director Karuna Kumar’s words come to mind. Cultivated humor. Excess of a tenderness in the heart. Another special extraction is Arul Vincent Cinematography, which made the 80s look like a screen. The mood of the scenes was very elevated as the lighting was so perfect. Feeling that each section worked well with editing. Otherwise, the length of the story is the same format, so the length of the movie will test the audience’s patience.

Production Values ​​are very good in the Palasa 1978 movie produced by Dhyan Atluri in Tammareddy Bharadwaja submission. Recently, the filings that have been so richly opened after the stage are not seen in Tollywood. The story and selection of actors reveals the producers’ passion for the film.

Cinema Criticism based on issues such as village politics, caste discrimination in the society and attacks on the top tier. Think Jace Dialogues, Special Attraction to Narrative Cinema. Though it is an art film with social elements .. There are plenty of commercial. If the multiplex audience, including the Bee and Sea Center, is commercially viable, then another range.


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