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The episode starts with yashoda in tears as she is making butter. Damodar feels unhappy for yashoda and says bhabhi, don’t be sad like this! yashoda says without kanha here, I experience unhappy. Kirti comes and yashoda says kirti welcome! What passed off? Kirti says yashoda, I got here here to satisfy you, I recognise you’re unhappy that kanha isn’t here but he’s going to soon come lower back. He has long gone to learn and as soon as it’s miles done he’ll come again, even radha is angry. Yashoda says indignant approximately what? That kanha left her and went? Kirti says no, she is angry because kanha did no longer inform her approximately his schooling. Yashoda says due to the fact kanha has long gone, all pleasure and happiness of our residence has gone. Kirti says yes yashoda, however even my son is in gurukul and i know how it feels however be patient yashoda, kanha has long gone to learn and he will come returned soon.

Radha is with gopi and she or he sees all the gopi’s sad. Radha says what passed off why aren’t you all operating? The gopi’s say our paintings is performed radha, and considering kanha is nto right here we’ve misplaced all happiness and resolution to do any work. radha says don’t be sad like this, if kanha knows that everyone has stopped doing anything because he has long gone, he’ll come back with out learning something, and that should not take place. The gopi’s say you are right radha, we will get lower back to work and whilst kanha comes again, we will welcome him with love.

Radha tells kirti, not to fear for yashoda kaki due to the fact she can cross and convince yashoda the manner kanha does and make her glad.

Rishi sandeepani tells kanha and balram that they have got gained the information of the primary 2 kala’s of the sixteen kala’s, now he shall teach them the next.

kansa is with the four demons kut, shar, mushtik and kaushal. The demons say bhagwan tell us what to do? how can we get our revenge from Vishnu? kansa says you have to do most effective one thing, you have to be a part of my plan and combat that kanha in mal-yudh, this manner you can defeat him because even Vishnu can’t do some thing to you all. The demons say sure, we will do mal yudh. kansa says you have to wait now, kanha nonetheless has to return to Mathura and while he is available in my chakravyuh, you will combat him and kill him. kansa shows his maze to the demons and says the primary door has kuvalyapida and then you will be on the second lure. The demons recognize and they visit the maze.
Radha goes to yashoda and sees her sad, she says what occurred kaki? You aren’t making lunch? Nand baba should be hungry. Yashoda is in sorrow. Radha says damu kaka, assist me in making meals. Radha thinks kanha told me this would show up, he gave me a duty. Radha goes and she or he makes food and brings one plate for yashoda and says I made meals for you kaki, consume it. Yashoda says now not now radha, she goes away sad. Even damodar is going. radha says i’m able to make you devour lunch these days and that i know what to do. radha takes the plate and is going to yashoda, she begins singing a music to persuade yashoda. Radha then takes the meals and starts feeding yashoda, yashoda feeds radha in return. Yashoda hugs radha.

Rishi sandeepani teaches kanha and balram, a mantra of orabhu Vishnu and tells them to recite it. Kanha and balram recite the chant with rishi sandeepani. Rishi says in those ashta kala, the first kala is eela manner vaani or song and 2nd kala is vimla means amrit and whose devi is gajlaxmi, third kala is anushree approach kalyan, whose devi is santan laxmi, 4th kala is shree way sampada whose devi is dhan laxmi, 5th sixth and seventh kala is karmandata, kirti and vidya and the eighth kala is parmeshwari kala, whose devi is adilaxmi. Rishi says kanha, whilst you research a lot of these kala’s, you cannot handiest kill kansa but any evil within the universe.

Precap Upcoming Paramavatar Shri Krishna Episode Update: Karnasura takes away the listening powers of all vrindavan human beings. Karnasura tells kansa what he did, kansa laughs. Radha takes a new form.


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