Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode begins with narad muni asking what is karna kundal? What does it have with the end goal that it can spare devi ila and slaughter karnasura too? Master Vishnu says the karna kundal is the ansh of surya dev, it is an exceptionally amazing weapon or decoration you can call. The karna kundal has the power which nobody can employ except if surya dev favors that individual, no god, human or devil can utilize the karna kundal except if surya dev needs them to! It returns to when the universe and world was simply made, surya dev’s light and warmth was terrible for every single living being, so the divine beings together appealed to rishi vishwakarma.

Vishwakarma ji showed up and he utilized his forces and brought the light and warmth of surya dev to a controlled breaking point, he at that point utilized the overabundance light and heat and kept it in the karna kundal, surya dev showed up and said thanks to vishwakarma ji for sparing the world. Vishwakarma ji gave the karna kundal to surya dev for safety’s sake and declared that nobody could utilize the karna kundal except if surya dev has favored them so. Narad says I see now prabhu.

Kanha is supplicating and endeavoring to gather surya dev, yet he doesn’t reply. Kanha says for what reason isn’t surya dev coming? On the off chance that surya dev doesn’t come, at that point devi ila will be in risk and even karnasura wont be halted effectively.

Gargacharya tells radha, that karnasura has the ability to remove the consultation sight of living creatures. Radha says how would I end karnasura? I need to spare all individuals. Gargacharya says yes radha, no one but you can stop this evil spirit. Radha says how? Gargacharya says you need to call devi laxmi, and utilize the laxmi conch shell, it can invalidate the impacts of karnasura’s forces. Radha says will mata laxmi help me? gargacharya says the individuals who ask from their heart, they are constantly made a difference. Radha proceeds to appeal to laxmi to support her. Radha asks and says mata please help me, and give me your shell. radha puts her hand forward and she is honored with the laxmi shell.

Karnasura is hanging tight for laxmi’s structure radha on a slope.

All divine beings are stressed as surya dev doesn’t reply to kanha. Indra dev says we ought to proceed to persuade surya dev. Garud dev shows up and says surya dev wont listen on the grounds that he has turned out to be proud, I will proceed to help kanha to go to surya lok! So that even kanha is caused and he gets the opportunity to stop kansa and karnasura and spare devi ila, surya dev’s personality will be broken as well!

Garud dev flies to kanha. Kanha says garud dev, you? garud dev says yes prabhu kanha, I have come to support you! surya dev has turned out to be proud and that is the reason he didn’t come when you brought him. kanha says yes I get it. Garud dev says he must be shown a thing or two. Kanha sits on garud and they fly towards surya lok.

In vrindavan, girdhan goes to radha and says look what has occurred! Radha and girdhan go to the town and see all individuals are battling among one another, a few men expel their spouses out of the house and yashoda advises damodar to go out as he broke all pots. Radha says this is all incident as a result of that evil spirit, however the key to sparing every one of them is in this shell. radha goes in the focal point of vrindavan and she blows the shell of laxmi, the sweet stable of the shell and its great tune prevent everybody from battling and gives them back their sight of hearing.

Kansa and mata danu watch and kansa is irate and stunned as karnasura’s forces fall flat.

Precap: Kanha flies with garud dev to surya lok and draws close to the sun. surya dev says nobody can enter surya lok without my consent.


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