Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vishwakarma ji appeared and he used his powers and taken the light and warmth of surya dev to a managed restrict, he then used the extra mild and warmth and limited it inside the karna kundal, surya dev appeared and thanked vishwakarma ji for saving the world. Vishwakarma ji gave the karna kundal to surya dev for secure keeping and introduced that no one ought to use the karna kundal unless surya dev has blessed them so. Narad says I understand now prabhu.

Kanha is praying and looking to summon surya dev, however he doesn’t answer. Kanha says why isn’t surya dev coming? If surya dev doesn’t come, then devi ila will be in hazard and even karnasura wont be stopped effortlessly.

Gargacharya tells radha, that karnasura has the electricity to cast off the hearing sight of living beings. Radha says how do I stop karnasura? I have to keep all and sundry. Gargacharya says sure radha, best you could stop this demon. Radha says how? Gargacharya says you have to summon devi laxmi, and use the laxmi conch shell, it can nullify the outcomes of karnasura’s powers. Radha says will mata laxmi assist me? gargacharya says people who pray from their coronary heart, they may be usually helped. Radha is going and prays to laxmi to assist her. Radha prays and says mata please help me, and give me your shell. radha places her hand forward and he or she is blessed with the laxmi shell.
Karnasura is anticipating laxmi’s form radha on a hill.

All gods are involved as surya dev doesn’t solution to kanha. Indra dev says we should pass and convince surya dev. Garud dev seems and says surya dev wont listen because he has grow to be egoistic, I shall pass and help kanha to go to surya lok! so that even kanha is helped and he gets to stop kansa and karnasura and keep devi ila, surya dev’s ego might be broken too!

Garud dev flies to kanha. Kanha says garud dev, you? garud dev says sure prabhu kanha, i have come to help you! surya dev has grow to be egoistic and this is why he didn’t come while you summoned him. kanha says yes I understand. Garud dev says he has to gain knowledge of a lesson. Kanha sits on garud and that they fly in the direction of surya lok.

In vrindavan, girdhan goes to radha and says look what has took place! Radha and girdhan go to the village and notice all and sundry are combating among every other, a few men dispose of their wives out of the house and yashoda tells damodar to leave the house as he broke all pots. Radha says that is all happening due to that demon, however the secret to saving all of them is on this shell. radha is going inside the center of vrindavan and she or he blows the shell of laxmi, the candy sound of the shell and its heavenly song prevent all of us from combating and gives them back their sight of listening to.
Kansa and mata danu watch and kansa is indignant and greatly surprised as karnasura’s powers fail.

Precap: Kanha flies with garud dev to surya lok and is derived close to the solar. surya dev says no person can enter surya lok without my permission.


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