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The episode starts with Krishna i.e. mohini & rukmani go collectively to talk about & rukmani tells mohini that she has understood Krishna has sent you so asks her that has Krishna received my letter & does he accepts my love & will he come tell me the truth so mohini asks why how many questions? So she tells her that she loves him lots then mohini says in case you asks so many questions then how will Krishna be here. if you love him a lot then he’s going to genuinely come but this you need to achieve through having religion for your coronary heart. Rukmani tells her to move & inform Krishna i’ve full faith in him then mohini tells her if you had faith then you had completed all the rites of marriage with all formalities. Rukmani tells her why must I do that once I understand that is occurring for any person else. Then mohini tells her that you have to keep in mind that you are doing it to your shrikrishna & rukmani receives to understand. Mohini explains her everyone who dedicates contemplating Krishna then he itself takes out the direction to come back to that person. Rukmani listening to this is satisfied & tells mohini you have made me free from all confusing thoughts. She says that now i’ve understood my Krishna will honestly come to take me.

Rukmani gets geared makemakeup to complete all formalities & preliminary rites earlier than marriage. All friends are doing b6fd8d88d79ed1018df623d0b49e84e7 of rukmani at the same time as singing songs which includes dancing.

Rukvir & shishmake-upal are on their manner in the direction of his palace while talking that when this marriage we are able to join our fingers collectively to make a big ruling world. Pondrik says I expected the equal component from you & after that we will assault vasudev krishna’s empire to seize & then he’s going to take into account that actual Krishna is not he however myself. they may be questioning if rukmani should have despatched any message to Krishna about this marriage then he’ll truely come & rukvir says that if he comes then we can kill him here best & they snicker among each other.

Rukmani is getting make-up from her pals. Mohini is also looking at her while getting ready. Rukmani feels a few gentle contact & goes into her thoughts of Krishna.

someone comes saying maharaj shishmakeupal has arrived & all are running to look him.

Arjun asks Krishna that what’s the relation of your marriage with rukmani in this mahabahrat. Krishna explains that during this global something incidents occur has a few other relations with each different while every time it have to have befell whether or not on this century or closing century. As you are conscious I do not do whatever without any reason & my marriage with rukmani become additionally pre-deliberate for these days’s this kurukshetra.

Krishna tells Arjun that during rukmani’s marriage there were three warriors they were first off her brother rukvir who changed into make-upilmakeup of parshuram second was pondrik who turned into very clever in evil matters & 0.33 was shishmakeupal whom I had only given boon of hundred crimes so make-upposemakeup that if rukvir would have stood along with his father dronacharya then pandavas couldn’t have received this war & if pondrik might have being with smart thinking then pandavas couldn’t have finished any evil matters & lastly i was burdened of shishmakeupal because I had most effective given him the boon so on this manner the conflict would have being declared closer to gauravas & that’s why I wanted to preserve some of these three away from the struggle. So the wedding of rukmani destroyed them due to this marriage rukvir got lost from me additionally pondrik attacked on me by means of which he were given killed & shishmakeupal finished his hundred crimes boon via which he also got killed in the end.

All are welcoming shishmake-upal in maharaj bhishma’s palace. Shishmake-upal says he is inspired by way of his welcome preparations but one mistake is finished by using you that as you shouted me as last maharaj which was not required as like sun does no longer need to mention how tons he has warmth the identical manner I also do no longer have to call as closing as i am final. Bhishma is telling this we’re most effective performing as per our way of life then shishmake-upal tells him if that is the way then I allow you to do my tilak but i personally win on my own so this tilak also i actually will follow on my head. Mohini stops shishmake-upal telling him sorry but don’t use tilak so he asks why then she tells him that your face itself is so bright then this tilak will destroy your appears & shishmake-upal says i am inspired & asks who are you so she tells i am shingarika & in shingar i’ve entire understanding. Mohini tells him there may be one activity which you may’t do with the aid of yourself then he asks which task so she tells him a brilliant face such as you does now not need tilak however it needs black mark so that no person in this world will see you by using incorrect eyes & this you could’t do via your self so he says i am impressed that in vidarbha a clever woman like you is also there so mohini asks do i’ve permission so he tells her to use. So mohini applies & all behind her silently laugh & she says now you’re secure as no one can see you by means of wrong eyes.

Krishna is announcing that shishmake-upal your over-confidence kills itself.

Rukvir comes to satisfy pondrik to tell him to no longer to play flute now as Krishna has also sopped gambling flute. Pondrik is telling him that vain Krishna gambling flute has no family members with my flute. Rukvir says relation is there because all are pronouncing you are doing faux things about Krishna so he replies as they are saying due to the fact they do now not recognize Krishna as narayan’s actual avatar is me itself & that krishna is fake. Rukvir is telling him that i am scared due to the fact in case you & krishna meet collectively in the front of me & if I kill you via mistake then & shishmake-upal comes saying to pondrik that I too am scared so it will likely be suitable in an effort to sacrifice this faux identity. All are guffawing seeing face of shishmakeupal so shishmake-upal is bugged asking why are you giggling so pondrik asks him go away about me & see your face as have you come right here to marry or to blacken your face. Shishmake-upal seeing his mirrored image receives indignant asking how it is viable as how my face is blackened. Rukvir tells him can be that is somebody’s mistake however often to easy your face for marriage to perform & pondrik says can be this can no longer be a mistake however a few plan of Krishna & rukvir gets indignant saying that is not possible as he can’t even strive coming here but this may be possible says pondrik as if any related man or woman is behind the enemy then whatever can occur with the enemy so rukvir asks how can it’s so pondrik tells your sister rukmani who loves him via herself right & all in her thoughts. A guard comes calling rukvir telling him maharaj has called you.

Maharaj & his son rukvir are having heated arguments about rukmani’s marriage with shishmake-upal which is towards her desires. they’re discussing against every different’s desires one saying about gain of ruling international & any other saying in prefer of affection of her daughter. Rukvir’s father is saying enmity with Krishna is impossible & rukvir says i am scholar of parshuram & with aid of pondrik & shishmakeupal the entirety is viable & what about rukmani’s love asks bhishma to rukvir as she loves so much with Krishna then how marriage might be successful of her with each person else. Rukmani’s love is stable in her thoughts as she thinks him as her mentor so she loves him however while Krishna loses fallen on my toes & inquiring for life then all her mind will wash out from her brains. Father asks rukvir are you able to win towards Krishna then he replies that if i could not win then I’ll cut all my hairs of my head in front of absolutely everyone.

Precap: Shishmakeupal attempting to break krishna’s statues however a shiny mild energy stops him & he’s in confusion how is that this occurring then Krishna is available in front of him pronouncing this isn’t strength but that is my promise given to your mom & my grandmother. Shishmake-upal is announcing that I understand about it Krishna as nonetheless i’ve no longer accomplished any crime so Krishna says it have to no longer make-up that every one your crimes end these days itself & if your hundred crimes finish then i personally will kill you.


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