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Rumani’s father saying, rukmani stop talking about kanha. He isn’t always a god, simply take a seat right here quietly he is in no way going to come due to the fact he isn’t a god. Father goes. Rukmani cries and says kanha, see all and sundry does now not trust me, they suppose i am lying but please kanha come to me and provide me darshan! you’re my buddy and prabhu. Rukmani starts making a song to kanha, saying oh kanha come!

There as kanha is inside the forest he sits and meditates and he starts offevolved being attentive to rukmani singing for him.

There rukmani sings and kanha appears in the sky in his divya Krishna avatar. Rukmani says kanha you’re here? kanha my buddy, i have been calling you so in many instances. Kanha says rukmani, i have constantly been with you, you call me whenever with authentic devotion, and i am usually close to you. rukmani says i am now not capable of see you kanha, where are you in case you are laways with me? kanha says if you discover me in all things, you will see me everywhere rukmani, simply look around. Rukmani then sees in her room and sees kanha, in fruits, pillar, tables, chair and in the whole lot. rukmani says sure kanha, you are honestly everywhere. Kanha says rukmani, on every occasion you shall don’t forget me, I will be with you. kanha is going.

Rukmani’s mom comes and says rukmani I delivered meals. Rukmani is smiling and mother says what befell? Rukmani says I met kanha, he had come to meet me and i instructed you mom that kanha is anywhere, but nobody accept as true with me. rukmani says he’s in the fruits too, rukmani is going. mother says rukmani kanha is no god, he’s simply the son of a gwala.

Radha sees kanha meditating and says is this gwala paying attention to that rukmani making a song? Radha goes to kanha and says gwale, what are you doing? Kanha opens his eyes and says radha, i was doing nothing i was simply going to return back to vrindavan. Radha says I understand the whole lot, you’re a liar. Kanha says no radha, we should visit chanderi and for that we need to go to brother balram first. They each move.

Hirankashyap says to sudhama who is standing on coal, he says i can burn you bhakt sudhama and whilst the fire shall burn your pores and skin and flesh, then you’ll scream and speak to your prabhu kanha to help you, i will kill him then. Sudhama says hirankashyap, I wont disturb my prabhu for you and i also recognise that my prabhu wont allow something manifest to me. hirankashyap units the coal on fireplace and the whole thing starts burning. Sudhama closes his eyes.

Kanha, radha and balram come collectively and kanha says brother I referred to as you here because we have to visit chanderi. Balram says sure kanha I know, however I don’t know the proper manner and how will we cross? kanha says from a bullock cart, balram says but which way is the proper manner? Kanha says sure i can inform you, we will go left, this is the proper way. Kanha, balram and radha sit inside the bullock cart as yashoda accompanies. They head in the direction of chanderi from the left path.
There hirankashyap and bhadraksh watch the fireplace. Bhadraksh says it is doing nothing to him.
Narad muni says to Vishnu, what will appear now prabhu?

There agni dev appears and he stops his hearth from hurting sudhama. Sudhama is nicely and he smiles. Bhadraksh says nothing took place to sudhama. Hirankashyap says agni dev stopped his hearth, however I wont prevent.

Precap:- Hirankashyap takes sudhama to be killed and trampled beneath elephants however sudhama says my prabhu will keep me.

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