Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with asoors are praising asoornath bali. kansa is telling to asoornath bali that now this world will act as in step with our rule. asoornath bali says sure to kansa & divides the departments within his human beings of conquered kingdom. asoornath bali’s father comes to talk with him & asoornath bali prays his father & advices his father to sit in this chair of country however his father doesn’t & advices him to let it’s with you best. kansa & asoornath bali’s father are speaking about ethics of country rule & discussing about authentic value & to keep in mind devta’s ethics too however kansa & their gurudev are against them & say that our asoors will overlook their very own conduct however asoornath bali tells gurudev that what you are questioning is wrong as they had been already behaving wrongly until now so bali sya as nowadays itself we are seeing right route vin front of us. asoornath bali’s father tells them that devta’s additionally rule by way of showing proper paths as they use their powers actual & with cleanser atmospheric act to now not to erupt incorrect things on this world then best you could rule this world endlessly.. asoornath bali takes advantages from his father & orders all his humans to behave easy & wash all evils from their brains & heart as father stated. kansa is thinking this is occurring in opposition to my mind.

kanha tells kansa to see what took place as you attempted all your tricks however ultimately what passed off & explains to kansa that the way to rule state & once I noticed asoornath bali acting rule religiously so i backed off that point.

asoornath bali moves around the kingdom luckily by giving his advantages within the humans & spreading easy ecosystem. additionally visits temples for praying purely with actual devotion however close to the temple kansa is stopping his raja asoornath bali through announcing what is he doing as we have received defeating gods so we should act as consistent with our terms but raja replies to kansa that religious ethics are very critical in our life as that is the best manner to make us all natural. kansa is attempting to give an explanation for raja bali however he ignores his talks.

kalyug sees all these things happening & is looking prabhu vishnu & seeing what raja bali is doing that’s towards their ethic so that you can stop him as we kalyug’s are creators of evil in this international. prabhu vishnu isn’t satisfied with kalyug’s explaination as what is executed by bali is accurate as he’s doing spiritual work for suitable to take place.

brahmadev & rishi guru also attempt explaining prabhu vishnu to stop asoors to rule in this global this manner or the arena will get destroyed as that is handiest possible by you & without you nobody can do that due to the fact even with raja bali being proper by means of mind his asoors aren’t precise to be depended on. prabhu vishnu tells them if asoors are to be stopped then best one component is feasible that is to take start in my avatar to store the world moving into fingers of unethical asoors. prabhu vishnu asks laxmi devi to help in this work & devi accepts his commands stating i understand you.

kansa is speakme with kanha that how a great deal you spread understanding then to you’re elaborate man or woman which i’m towards this. kanha is telling kansa which you continually take me wrong as i was by no means against raja bali however turned into against you & your evil mind which is constantly like a snake to chunk in the last so your & your asoor navy’s stop became ultimate.

kansa in raja asoornath bali’s palace announcing to look that laxmi devi has come right here on her own as our maid. devi laxmi speaks with asoornath bali to inform him that who rule’s this state is absolutely the proprietor of my wealth so you are now the proprietor of my this wealth. kansa intervenes & tells to asoornath bali that you enjoy wealth & we will revel in laxmi devi’s beauty by using making her my keep. raja bali goes wild & shouts kansa to manipulate your mind & says that our need will most effective be wealth of laxmi devi & she will usually be wife of prabhu vishnu most effective. kansa is taking into consideration some elaborate games from gods & to be alert.

Precap: kanha on battlefield with kansa telling him that now if you or me could be alive on this international. viillagers assist kanha praising him & shouting to kill evil like kansa.


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