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The episode starts with gurudev goes to jarasan to persuade him of a risk to enroll in hands. Jarasan is getting aggravated with the aid of this as he tells that me as a big warrior who gives no probabilities for enemies to speak so how can you think of bringing concept of taking one hazard to join arms? So Gurudev is explaining him about the request i’ve delivered to you from shrikrishna himself but jarasan is getting angry & telling that I experience like killing you however gurudev is announcing as there was no mistake completed by way of us killing your son-in-law & additionally through Mathura humans but you are punishing Mathura human beings. Gurudev is instigating him by using his complex factors to simply accept this hazard proposal which will gain both facets. Jarasan is pronouncing gurudev to now not to idiot me to your words but gurudev is telling jarasan that see if you kill humans of Mathura then who will be left to rule on in Mathura. Gurudev is once more telling jarasan that your enemy is Krishna who is to be punished & now not Mathura people. So jarasan is in thoughts & through accepting he then keeps one in every of his call for to head & tell your maharaj that it’s going to only happen to stop this battle & my punishment in the direction of Mathura human beings if they handover Krishna to him & i will kill him by using my very own fingers & via krishna’s blood i’m able to deliver peace to my son-in-regulation’s soul.

Arjun is talking with madhav asking him if you knew the future consequences then why you despatched chance concept to jarasan & madhav i.e, Krishna replies that danger is first step of warfare to attain its results. Any warrior comes on the battle subject while he has no alternative left to get stored from the war through looking ahead to one final chance. Krishna is explaining Arjun primary instructions of conflict that could save humans of Mathura, so my trick labored & jarasan known as off his attack on Mathura which I wanted.

Maharaj is telling Krishna that to now not to pressure him on handing over you to jarasan as we are not getting scared of him & i will’t take this form of step as you are our lifestyles & we are able to’t deliver our life to everybody’s palms & maintains announcing no to Krishna. Krishna is explaining nanaji i.e. maharaj that he honors your love for me however due to simplest one man or woman can you’re taking hazard of so many lives of human beings, answer me? Maharaj & all are in thoughts. Vasudev is asking Krishna what are saying & he replies that i’m only pointing out ethics as though anyone character is chargeable for the complete lack of such a lot of humans then that character has to get sacrificed then vasudev reciprocates that it won’t be feasible to sacrifice you deliberately knowingly.

however Krishna is telling that who can be sacrificed could be determined once I pass there but I request you to please permit me pass there as can be some thing tremendous will pop out of this. Gurudev knows this & advises to accept krishna’s request as we haven’t any different manner out. Vasudev is telling gurudev that there is one more way as to see close by villages who can assist us & orders Balarama to look who all are ready close by. Krishna & gurudev are smiling knowingly the trick is operating.

All villagers are getting equipped in night time with weapons of their arms & Krishna & Balarama are in village & all villagers are telling Krishna that to no longer to worry as we will combat till our closing breath but received’t quit you to jarasan. Krishna is explaining them not anything will take place to Mathura & to go again thankfully. Balarama is telling Krishna to now not to ignore this as we need more & more human beings to tackle evil like jarasan so all need to be prepared to fight this evil & all villagers are supporting Balarama, however Krishna is once more telling villagers to not to fear & go to your houses fortunately. Balarama continues to be forcing Krishna & telling villagers to be prepared with all your weapons.

Krishna & Balarama are still discussing about this & Balarama is displaying Krishna the gaint navy & Krishna is replying where is the army & Balarama is amazed with the aid of krishna’s comments that he can most effective see evil organizations standing with whom warfare does no longer appear which occurs only with navy.

a person named dhumketu is speaking with jarasan which you have promised to depart people of Mathura in trade of Krishna at hand over us however do you have got faith that he’s going to come? motive asks jarasan to the person so he tells that Krishna is a huge trickster due to which he has were given saved by kansa so it’s far quite viable that still to get saved by you he have to be using his trick & jarasan says that if this is it then we are able to assault early morning on Mathura killing all.

Krishna is explaining Balarama about what all fights they confronted in beyond lifestyles so Krishna desires to inform balaram the fact of his life & says start is end & cease is start. Krishna is telling that point has come to recognise your & my truth of existence & balaram is replying to now not to funny story but Krishna says to listen carefully.

Krishna is detailing the truth by speakme in various approaches & in the end reminds him of his flute gambling days for whom vasundhara got here to meet him. Vasundhara is calling Krishna to assist her as brahmadev is also telling Krishna that she is right so that you should come on this planet to help her. Krishna tells vasundhara that he’s going to come on this planet to help you & vasundhara is glad with it. Balarama immerges there in shape of snake & he tells him to not to forget me to take together with you in form of your brother & Krishna says sure.

Balarama is praying Krishna that he forgot this & Krishna says not to fear as he usually stored reminding you in various approaches in beyond too that you are my brother of previous avatar of snake.

Arjun is speaking with Krishna about the fact triumphing to Balarama why so overdue you informed him & Krishna replies that matters occur as consistent with their stipulated time body & taking place after time passes is incorrect. Krishna explains Arjun the lessons of energy & persistence. Arjun understands the fundamental instructions from Krishna.

Balarama is happy with Krishna & asking what I should do now. Krishna is telling Balarama to no longer to misuse your powers & he guarantees that.

Jarasan is on the brink of attack on Mathura village ordering all his navy to be ready. Krishna is telling balaram to get equipped to combat the navy of jarasan but balaram is calling how can we do this & Krishna indicates balaram that this rath will assist us to fight with jarasan & Balarama is glad.

Precap: Balaram & Krishna are preventing with jarasan army. Jarasan is announcing Balarama how will you kill me now then Balarama leaps & kicks him & he falls at the ground. Balarama alternatives a big stone to kill him however krishna stops Balarama to no longer kill him now.


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