Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kanha and balram are going to lanka and balram says we have to discover another manner kanha. Kanha says brother, this manner is the right way to lanka but if we encounter any trouble, we need to remedy it and pass beforehand. all at once an explosion takes place and tadka comes, she says wherein are you going kids? Tadka is a whole fire demoness as she stands tall in her black magic.

Brij bhanu says stop this Pooja, enough of the whole appreciate-a-woman aspect. Kirti says what are you announcing? Brij bhanu rudely says do as I say. Radha is shocked. Brij bhanu says guys, from now no one will recognize girls, insult them and make them serve us! force them to be your servant. Radha says what are you pronouncing father? Brij bhanu says you are a girl radha, don’t interrupt in between, simply shut up. Radha thinks what has took place to baba? Brij bhanu says come one men, don’t heed to those girls. Kirti and all girls cry as radha feels sad.

Kanha asks tadka, what are you doing right here? Tadka says i have been looking ahead to you both right here for years. Kanha says who are you? Balram says she is a demoness, and we’ve got an vintage connection to them so lets kill her. Tadka says i can kill you each now. Balram receives indignant. Kanha says shall we ask her who she is? Tadka says your loss of life is written in my palms. Balram says she is wasting our time kanha. Tadka uses her powers and attacks hearth bolts on kanha and balram as they dodge. Balram says I listened to you kanha, now i can beat this demoness. Kanha says we must divide and confuse her, if we are collectively she can assault hearth on us. Balram says yes kanha, run. Kanha and balram run in contrary guidelines.

In barsana, all guys are sitting in anger. Radha comes and says father, mom did now not ask for this Pooja however we prepared for that. We did the Pooja of mom however how ought to you insult her? tomorrow I will be someone’s spouse, what if they do the same thing to me? Brij bhanu is sad and has tears, he says I don’t recognise what got here upon us radha, I did not intend to do that. Radha says then make an apology father. Brij bhanu says yes shall we cross, all guys are going. Gajasura sees this and uses his powers on the guys again making them indignant and demonic. Brij bhanu and all men pass home to mention sorry. Radha says all of us apologize.

Brij bhanu holds the hand of kirti and says i’ve not come to ask forgiveness, i’ve come to punish you. Brij bhanu says you are my servant and you will be punished, he and all men eliminate the girls from the house as radha attempts to prevent them. Brij bhanu insults kirti and throws her out of the house. Radha is in surprise, she says what do I do now? Lord Vishnu says devi radha has the answer, only she can ruin the powers of gajasura.

Precap: Radha decides to take the avatar of griha laxmi as gajasura waits for radha to take her shape. Kanha fights tadkasura.


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