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The episode starts with Arjun prays madhav to expose his real shape & in the end Arjun is amazed seeing & lord shrikrishna himself in the front of him & telling Krishna that he’s blessed to look you & Arjun asks Krishna what’s his orders for me. Shrikrishna is smiling & telling Arjun that questions aren’t finished yet as there may be one extra large query nonetheless to inform you of which have to be answerable these days itself as questions greater are there to come in your existence going beforehand in future that’s to be faced by you via all human beings asking & so I wish to answer that query now itself that like if Krishna turned into immerged in human shape to give up non secular battle as he was god with all powers then why he could not stop spiritual battle in a single time simplest? All will ask why this warfare happened & Arjun asks madhav what’s the answer & he replies that as i have immerged on this world in shape of human so inside his limits I ought to create non secular love between all & I additionally ought to watch for outcomes due to the fact that is the limit of individual as i can’t cross the boundaries. Madhav is telling Arjun about his improvement wherein he is standing by using beyond start plans of him via also killing an evil referred to as kansa. Shrikrishna is explaining about the past existence to Arjun that if I wouldn’t have achieved that then large warriors would have being here now. Arjun is calling who big warriors & madhav is telling him about kansa’s father-in-regulation named Jarasan. Madhav as Krishna is telling tale of jarasan to Arjun.

Jarasans tale starts with someone coming shouting maharaj maharaj & maharaj is calling him who is lifeless then the person bends down & tells maharaj that shrikrishna has killed kansa. Maharaj is taken aback & shouts by way of conserving weapon in his palms. Krishna is explaining the evils mind the way it brings destruction’s inside the world.

Maharaj jarasan throws the weapon at the floor & looses manipulate to act evilly & Krishna telling Arjun so I needed to come. After an opening of quiet long years jarasan become marching closer to Mathura with all his wild energy to attack. Jarasan had a very large navy with lakhs of army human beings, hundreds of elephants, hundreds of horses and many others. & telling Arjun to peer all around him that he is watching navy this was not anything in the front of jarasan’s navy. Madhav i.e. krishna is giving information of jarasan’s army force & attacks on Mathura.

All Mathura humans are scattered through jarasan’s fire ball attacks. Shrikrishna is in Mathura village & Balarama immerges by way of which all villagers are satisfied seeing balarama. they are seeing one greater large hearth ball assault & Balaram destroys the balls with the aid of his weapon hitting them. Balarama is looking Krishna who’s this attacking Mathura however we have to wait & see replies krishna.

Jarasan is warning Krishna about his military surrounded your Mathura village as you by killing kansa has invited jarasan to end you all. Jarasan is shouting details about his assault toward his enemies & giving caution about finishing enthusiastic about which you will be accountable.

In Maharaj ugrasen’s palace comes an informer to offer data about jarasan has surrounded & attacked mathura as no one can come & move from Mathura with out his permission & maharaj is in hassle thinking of this type of trouble will rise up in future due to his each son-in-laws are killed of his each daughter’s husbands & hence as a father he can’t sit quiet. So vasudev advises of replying his attack but that is no answer of attacking says the informer as his navy is giant. Gurudev is telling that he is having diverse asoors powers too to combat war which we can be not able to stand & he is likewise having boon of getting eternal benefits too. All re in trouble questioning so devki advises that like kansa got killed then jarasan may also get killed so with none put off we should put together for war. Gurudev is telling devki that kansa turned into in want of acquiring everlasting benefits but jarasan is already booned by means of eternal blessings so he cannot be killed so we must search every other opportunity to resolve this problem & Krishna arrives there saying to gurudev that there may be simplest one manner out i.e. give up of religious evil & all are satisfied seeing Krishna & Balarama together in palace.

Maharaj is calling Krishna what are you announcing then Krishna replies that like kansa was spiritual evil so jarasan will also get destroyed like kansa, but maharaj is telling you will be proper but my hassle is that i can’t take risks of lives of my people in my village. Krishna is explaining nanaji i.e. maharaj ugrasen that you are right however for people’s advantage we should ship risk proposal to jarasan & says that if jarasan accepts this hazard thought & maharaj thinks this could be suitable if he accepts then asks who will take this danger to go to him then Krishna advises gurudev & gurudev is familiar with this about krishna’s plans & he accepts krishna’s orders & leaves towards jarasan.

Jarasan whilst playing combat recreation is picturizing how kansa became killed & shouts but calms. Jarasan’s informer comes to inform maharaj that gurudev has come to fulfill him.

Balarama is speakme with kanha announcing he did no longer like this sort of plan & kanha asks what dau so he tells about danger suggestion sending to an evil like jarasan as i’m your elder brother so you atleast had to talk with me before this however kanha replies that by way of doing this what is the problem so dau replies that with the aid of this we should bend in front of him. Kanha is asking dau are you able to placed people’s lives on hazard so no replies dau however now not to spare this evil additionally so explaining him about why it has carried out this way & dau says you most effective recognize about your plans as I gained’t input into that, however if anything desires to be completed then name me & I’ll come back. but kanha talks inside himself that dau is not seeing what i am given that this concept is only to bend jarasan & will take delivery of his mistakes too.

Precap: Jarasan tells gurudev to head & tell maharaj that if they do not need to stand my attacks then to handover Krishna to me. Maharaj says by way of any threat this can not be commonplace by way of me to handover Krishna. shrikrishna tells Arjun what he predicted for this reason that took place.


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