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The episode starts with Krishna comes close to the antique guy & tells kalyaval that he is my devotee. Kalyaval is pronouncing once more you are gambling a brand new trick with me now so Krishna says no not trick but your end is planned & kalyaval receives wild.

Arjun is calling Krishna you had said kalyaval’s quit is remaining however still the confusion stays that he can’t be killed by way of any weapons or any kind of assaults then the way you deliberate his death? Krishna replies that the fate is already decided on this international by way of me in every delivery in human lives but Arjun asks who become he taken kill kalyaval then Krishna replies non aside from my devotee muchkund. however Arjun asks that your devotee has what members of the family with kalyaval’s demise? Then Krishna says on this international I already determine incidents as a consequence & so I knew that kalyaval cannot be killed this way so this incident had came about long time in the past. Arjun asks you had so many devotees however why you chose muchkund handiest & what deeds he had finished? So Krishna explains Arjun about the past story of muchkund who become son of mandhata at the time of devasoor sangram & who changed into the best person of a kind who should kill all such evils. All gods had taken assist of muchkund in devasoor sangram & he killed all the ones evils attacking in the direction of gods all on my own by means of destroying the status & guidelines of devsoor sangram.
Prabhu Vishnu blesses muchkund & thank you him for killing all evils to free this global through sins so asks him what you wish then muchkund says I got your benefits so what i can desire beyond this however if you wish to give me something then please permit me to go back to my domestic & Vishnu prabhu tells him that i will allow you but you’re forgetting that among right here & your house has a giant distinction & now as such a lot of years have handed you won’t be capable of apprehend every person as your’s is no person over there now so muchkund cries emotionally & says what are you announcing prabhu? So prabhu says i’m telling you the fact as time by no means stops so besides this wish you may ask for every other desire so he says that not anything is left to want then but if at all you wish to offer me then please make me your devotee to meditate for you where I gained’t be disturbed. Prabhu gives him boon as to be in depth of meditation & if all of us looking to disturb then you he’ll get burnt to your fire of meditation.

Krishna is telling kalyaval that this vintage guy is the equal muchkund whom you’ve got disturbed from his meditation as he has no weapons nor any kind of powers to assault you so your cease is near kalyaval.

Kalyaval shouts in anger that i will kill you each & forces the antique man to rise up & face me. The vintage guy gets up & makes use of his eyes to shoot hearth sparks closer to kalyaval & kalyaval is burning & shouting as no-no. Kalyaval is burnt in ashes.

The vintage man sees Krishna & asks who are you so Krishna tells him i am that itself in whom you have been deeply under meditation & for whom you were awaiting as i am your Narayan Vishnu & he could be very happy praying Vishnu & says that he may be very excited to get your blessings again after so many years now & i’ve grow to be natural. Vishnu says it’s miles your meditation which has delivered me to satisfy you again & by this power of you my one greater deed is entire so ask me what you wish & some thing you ask you may get then he’s telling that I do not want some thing but just to be on your feet so Vishnu is telling him for this you have to go to badrika ashram & there you may locate your way.

Balarama is looking Krishna everywhere & Krishna comes & tells Balarama that it turned into kalyaval I had informed you so he has reached his vacation spot. Krishna is talking with Balarama jokingly & speakme about youth things also.

Maharaj ugrasen is praising Balarama & Krishna in his palace & inform them that jarasan will never try to appearance closer to Mathura now so I believe now that this problem is long past finally all the time. but nevertheless going through such issues because such a lot of years with the aid of people of Mathura as a result they’re fallen in frightening surroundings for which to revive the conditions i have determined to do mahayagna. Balaram says that may be we’re feeling vivid now however still I experience that the problem isn’t but long gone until jarasan is not killed. Maharaj asks why you are wondering this manner then he replies after so many losses in battles then too he is coming to assault again then it could’t be left out. Maharaj is in thoughts. As still he isn’t but killed so I feel Mathura isn’t always but safe says Balarama. Krishna says sure you are right to Balarama as destiny we can’t predict which keep us in dark & scared however what will show up in destiny will happen so thinking about future why need to we ruin the present as happiness is gift itself so I be given what maharaj thought by way of seeing present circumstance we should celeberate for this. Maharaj is ordering akroor to call a thousand brahmins for mahayagan.

Jarasan is practising malyudh within his territory between his human beings. Dhumketu comes running & tells jarasan that Krishna has killed kalyaval & hearing this jarasan becomes wild. he is talking that through giving task to kalyaval to kill Krishna have I performed any mistake i had idea however now i have understood that his quit is simplest by way of my hands itself & i’m able to kill Krishna. Jarasan is saying kalyaval’s dying has given me one extra hazard to kill Krishna & now i can plan in the sort of manner that Krishna will maintain looking what i have completed.

Krishna sitting on a slide wondering what jarasan is planning now as he is having all expertise about it. Gurudev comes to meet Krishna & tells him that as in line with your orders i’ve roamed around the complete earth however could not find that place wherein there’s no evil surroundings & wherein you can make your pure global. Krishna says if that is right gurudev then where i can make my natural global. Gurudev is telling that who the sector’s ultimate god is, must have already deliberate wherein to make his natural international, am I proper prabhu?

Krishna thinks & tells gurudev that i’ve searched the location where my pure international will take place.

Maharaj ugrasen asks akroorji what are you announcing so akroor says i am telling the fact in among Balarama hears & asks akroorji what has came about so maharaj tells Balarama it is a huge query as akroorji says he has not located a single brahman to perform mahayagna & Balarama is greatly surprised how is it viable. Akroor says that is authentic as all brahmans from Mathura have ran away it seems. Balarama is amazed wondering mahayagan must entire in time so tells akoor to call a few brahmans from out of doors Mathura & akroor says we’ve already despatched a few people outdoor Mathura to convey brahmans from different villages. someone comes pronouncing sorry maharaj as we had long past to search brahmans outside too however no brahmans are there too. Now maharaj & all are stunned. Balarama tells maharaj to tell Krishna as he can handiest take out a solution for this.

Maharaj, Balarama, Krishna & all are hearing a big sound giving signal from jarasan of struggle. Jarasan is shouting for Krishna to come ahead to stand him or i will destroy all.

Precap: Jarasan is telling Krishna that if you do no longer come inside the battlefield then i will kill all the brahmans whom i have kept in my custody. Krishna is announcing in palace that alternatively killing jarasan, first we should protect brahmans. Balarama is telling the rath man or woman to speed towards to kill jarasan & as per your fastest pace handiest that a whole lot time is left for demise of jarasan. Jarasan is shouting why are you running faraway from battlefield addressing Krishna.


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