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The scene begins with Maharaj, Balarama and all townspeople are hearing a major sound giving sign and comprehend from jarasan of giving sign of war. All residents are yelling to run.

Jarasan is yelling for Krishna to approach to confront him or I will annihilate all. He is additionally saying that after the past fight with me you talented my life so what you figured I won’t assault again then you figured off-base as I will never do this in light of the fact that in war to demonstrate compassion towards the adversary is stupidity and not a victor.

Balarama comes considering Krishna that jarasan has assaulted again and sixteen time he has assaulted then too he returns however Krishna tells yes I know as we had not left him stupidly in light of the fact that at whatever point he assaulted he carried his malicious individuals with him likewise so we could kill them however this opportunity he has come alone and that is the thing that I am pondering too and balarama says reason what it might be nevertheless this time I will kill him.

A bolt comes in the middle of Krishna and Balarama and Balarama asks what is this so Krishna answers this is hint message sent by jarasan before war so read it advises Krishna to Balarama.

Balarama is perusing in which jarasan is reviling Krishna in his message sent and Balarama quits perusing ahead saying jarasan has crossed his breaking points. Krishna says he has composed truth yet Balarama blows up expressing my blood is getting wild and Krishna clarifies that on the off chance that it is botch by me, at that point mother today additionally says margarine criminal by adoration and on my head this peacock wing is likewise the indication of mother’s affection itself so Krishna clarifying Balarama of since youth till today I have played numerous stunts and each individual takes according to his seeing so continue perusing.

Balarama is perusing the message of jarasan what he has composed all against Krishna whatever occurred between him and Krishna so at long last he composes this is my last assault which will prompt your demise. Balarama quits saying now it is sufficient Krishna as he is sending my sibling demise cautioning. Krishna persuades Balarama to not to get wild and read quietly. Balarama is perusing that jarasan has kept all brahmans in his guardianship and they will be executed if at all he loses or wins this war. Krishna advises Balarama to peruse ahead and Balarama perusing ahead what jarasan composed that so now you have no other decision however to battle with me or acknowledge your misfortune and come into my guardianship.

As you twist down on your knees before me then I’ll bring you into my authority towards your brahmans custodial spot and by reciting mantra’s and yagna through them will be left you in their flame yagna for penance. Yet at the same time I have some compassion left for you to settle on your own before tomorrow’s dawn. Balarama turns out to be wild and advises Krishna to not to stop me presently as till tomorrow’s dawn I can hardly wait as I’ll murder him now itself. Krishna is disclosing Balarama to not to freeze as before jarasan’s slaughtering we need to discharge brahmans from his grip first.

Krishna is in his reflections for inquiry of brahmans where they might be and discovers brahmans are dealt with thoroughly in jarasan’s guardianship by his malevolent armed force men and constraining them to perform yagna for jarasan to win this war with Krishna however one of brahman says that in the event that they wish to perform yagna, at that point they will perform for shrikrishna and not for jarasan then the detestable men hits them all the more severely. They begin the yagna while Krishna comprehends and balarama soliciting Krishna what you are thinking from plans so Krishna reveals to Balarama that this issue isn’t simply on brahmanas yet additionally on mathura individuals as well so we need to verify both.

Krishna is going while Balarama asks where are you going so Krishna answers to do different game plans and Balarama asks what different courses of action so krishna says will tell later and Balarama says in him self whatever your game plans be nevertheless my alternative is last in this sort of issue in which it is extremely clear and that it is end of jarasan concerning this I don’t need to take much endeavors as well.

Krishna is strolling towards a brahman who is thinking and Krishna call him as anar your reflection closes now so anar stops and gets up observing Krishna and supplicates saying I am honored by my prabhu. Krishna discloses to him that your activity is finished which I had given you long back and so now its time for you to go to vaikunth. Anar says prabhu the activity was yours and it is finished by you itself as I was only a middle person for this.

Dhumketu comes to jarasan saying he has done all plans to assault Mathura to murder all. Jarasan is glad listening and yells towards Krishna that you won’t probably continue me in the combat zone. Jarasan is testing Krishna that in the event that you don’t come on the combat zone, at that point I will execute every one of the brahmans whom I have kept in my authority and in the event that you please the front line leaving Mathura, at that point my military encompassed Mathura will slaughter every one of your kin of Mathura and chuckles jarasan saying in the two different ways you will be an extreme washout with no elective left.

Dhumketu is advising jarasan that to not to put stock in Krishna as before dawn he mustn’t play any stunts with you so jarasan gets frightened.

Vishwakarma develops supplicating Krishna saying I have dropped by your reflection so reveal to me what help you need and Krishna lets you know that I am here to verify religious world so I need a real estate parcel where no underhandedness more likely than not occurred there for making clean world as in no other three universes can help me in this preferable manner over you so vishwakarma says thanks to Krishna for picking me for this activity and I will make such a world here, that no god, shrewd or human can enter in this world with his abhorrent considerations by any stretch of the imagination. Krishna cautions him that for this you should confront a test as this activity is to finished by tomorrow before dawn. Vishwakaram says when it is your gifts at that point no activity is troublesome so not to stress as it will occur according to your desires itself before tomorrow’s dawn the new world will be made.

Balarama is setting himself up with the rath as gurudev comes calling him and asks do you have any thought what are you up-to so he answers yes I recognize what I am doing in light of the fact that I wish to slaughter that underhanded jarasan so orchestrating things however gurudev says without Krishna. Balarama answers I also wish Krishna ought to be with me however in the event that he will be with me, at that point he may play some sort of his stunts to spare the fiendishness by my assaults as this I would prefer not to occur. Gurudev is disturbing Balarama about his composed explanations. In any case, Balarama does not tune in to gurudev and advises rath to take me to front line and gurudev thinks in himself that Krishna more likely than not made arrangements for jarasan’s end however I am frightened that in krishna’s arrangement you don’t progress toward becoming purpose behind wrong to occur.

Jarasan and his military are trusting that Krishna will arrive yet are getting terrified.

Balarama’s rath is going to the combat zone and jarasan and his military is getting glad as jarasan is feeling that Krishna isn’t having any thought that he is putting mathura individuals’ lives in question yet they are thinking why he has picked war with us so hold up and watch says jarasan.

Balarama is advising the rath individual to speed towards to kill jarasan due to according to your quickest speed, just that much time is left for his passing so move quick.

Jarasan is seeing Balarama is coming in the rath and not Krishna so fall in twofold personalities.

Balarama is advising rath individual to move all the more quicker however jarasan’s individual dhumketu cautions him that the course is changed of rath and Balarama comprehends inquiring as to for what reason are you altering course of rath when jarasan is before us and advises individual to stop the rath. Balaram sees the individual and finds non other than Krishna himself. Jarsan, Balarama and all are amazed by this. Balarama asks krishna why you here. Dhumketu is likewise shockingly telling jarasan that what we figured Krishna won’t come then he himself has turned into balarama’s rath rider.

Jarasan is seeing Krishna returning back and yelling for what reason are you fleeing as today I will kill you by rendering retribution of my child in-law kansa’s passing. Jarasan orders his military to tail him.

Precap: Krishna yelling to jarasan that you can’t execute brahmans. Jarasan responding that you precarious individual hear me out at long last that except if I don’t murder you I won’t come back from here. Balarama is asking Krishna to tells quick some arrangement as it mustn’t occur we get squashed in this flame.


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