Kasturi Zindagi’s 2-star Parth Samthaan and Erica Fernandes’s close proximity Meanwhile Parth Samthaan has tweeted about dating someone with X.

The reports of dating actor Partha Samthan and Erica Fernandes who played the role of Anurag-inspiration in ‘Kasti Zindagi 2 ‘ had made headlines in the last days. If reports are to be believed then Parth and Erica, who have played the role of Lover (Anurag and Motivar) in the show, have now come closer to each other in real life too. A source related to the show said that the two live together on the set. Both come together for the shoot and come out simultaneously.

In the birthday party of Partha Samthan, Erica and her husband’s presence were clearly visible to the guests present there. In the party, Erica Fernandes also danced wearing Parth’s jacket. Both are often seen sleeping while keeping a head on each other’s shoulders during shooting. Between dating rumors, Parth Somathan has shocked his fans by tweeting his Twitter account. Parth wrote something about dating someone with X.

Parth’s fans are speculating that their tweet is pointing to Shahir Shaikh. It was reported in the past that Shahir and Erica were dating each other. Let me tell you that there was a rumor dating Shahir Shaikh and Erica Fernandes during the show ‘Some Colors of Love’. Now Area and Partha are working with Kasuri in life. Shahir, ‘What is this relationship is called’ spin off ‘Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke’


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