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At the symposium where Academy Award Foreign Language Film Award candidates gather. From left Alfonso · Cureon director, Nadine · Rabaki director, Pavé · Pavlikovski coach, Hirokazu Yoshida coach Aaron Poole / (C) AMPAS

” Shoplifting family ” is nominated for the 91st Academy Award for Foreign Language Film Award, directed by Hiroshi Oshima , annual symposium held at local time on November 21, local symposium “Oscar Week: Foreign Language Film “. Be held at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) headquarters in Beverly Hills, addition of Kore-eda supervision, ” ROMA / Rome ” (Mexico) of Alfonso Cuarón , ” COLD WAR that song, two minds ” of (Poland) Paweł Pawlikowski , Florian Henkel von Donnersmark of ” Never Look Away (English title) / Never Look Away” (Germany) and Director Nadine Rabaki of ” Capernaum (Original) ” (Lebanon) participated.

Before the symposium began, we asked Shozo Kaori about the feelings that we decided to await the awards ceremony. A director who also participated in the luncheon “Nominee Luncheon” that the Academy Awards candidates held in the other day said, “I am happy because I did not think that I will come to Ross so frequently, but it is hard work In order to eat lunch, I get on an airplane for 10 hours (laugh) But, as I came, I thought that it was very wonderful at the event that the star and the reverse side were taken together in the photo. In addition, he seems to have enjoyed exchanges with representatives from all over the world.

Hirokazu Yoshitane
Director Hirokazu Yoshitane responded to the interview before the symposium Photo: Yoshifumi Hosoya

“Director Barry Jenkins (” Lovers of Beer Street “) also got a call, and we are together with Director Cualon and I was able to talk to Cover War ~ Pavlikovski coach It was a good time, it is also a film festival, but being able to talk with the respecting respecters is very positive, so it was worth the effort to come even just that. ”

It is difficult to tell the academy members what points of “shoplifting family” were evaluated, but the reaction to the work is said to be “There is not much difference between Japan and abroad”. “I peeked through the venue a bit during the screening at the Palm Springs International Film Festival this time, but after all, when the interrogation scene of Ando Sakura (acting Nobushi) starts, everyone will not move, The people who were doing it became the scene, it is together in Japan, Cannes and the United States. ” In addition, at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, it has won the FIPRECI Award (International Critics Federation Prize) awarded for foreign language films.

Yoshifumi Hosoya
The symposium was held at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) Headquarters Photo: Yoshifumi Hosoya

AMPAS, which was criticized as having too many white people within its members, recently increased the number of women and minority members considerably for diversity. Such a move is also highly appreciated by Director Shin Bada himself. “I am wonderful, because I also became a member I got a voting right so I voted for it, but DVD really arrives everyday from fall, that means” Look at me, please look. “Before this Golden Globe Awards When I entered the award ceremony) I felt the most in the event in the U.S. (Oscar) made it big, but the foreign language movie division is the department outside I’m not dissatisfied with it, but it has become unavoidable that such things have changed, members and works, and this time the director’s award is the name of the director of “COLD WAR ~” I also like the shooting award, I think that such things are a good thing. ”

Director Tsutsui is currently working on a new work “The Truth” produced in France with Catherine · Deneuve , Juliet · Vinosh and others, but inquiring about the possibility of making movies in Hollywood in the future saw. “Well, now it seems that it seems to have come to be considered as a selective seed.When I have to go to the English conversation class first (laugh) I can not do English at all.” By the way, what I look forward to most at the award ceremony attending for the first time is “I am looking forward to Lady Gaga’s songs.”

Well, the symposium gathered by the candidates of the foreign language film award this year is a great success in this year because of the high quality work being lined up with the slurry. A big applause took place when Shoji branch appeared. To the question “Why did you want to make this work now?” Yoshida said, “I made six together with Tree Kurayabe who died in September of last year for about 10 years.I think that this is the last time I thought that I wanted to do another piece with her was the first of motivation, “he told the story behind shooting the seaside scenes.

Larry Karasewski
From left: Larry Karasewski, Director Florian Henkel von Donasmarc, Director Alfonso Cuearon, Director Nadine Labaky, Director Paveve Pavlikovski, Director Hirokazu Shoji Aaron Poole / (C) AMPAS

“I want to capture the shooting like a living thing.The trees Mr. Kurabayashi was exactly like that.The seaside scene was the first day of shooting and it was the last scene for her, So the script was not made solidly but it was decided to take only the summer scene first so she asked a woman named Shinyo to say “You are beautiful” and a voice to the family, Although there is a place to mutter that “Thank you” instead of putting it out, that is not what I wrote, as I looked at it I rewrote the winter scenes before and after that. It will be a happy time when the catch ball gets well.”

Aaron Poole
Shoplifting Family “Candidate for Foreign Language Film Awards Counselor Director Aaron Poole / (C) AMPAS

Also, the branch who was asked about the reaction in Japan talks about the thought that can be talked about now because it has been published for a while. “This work was a very good response, in my work, the most people I have ever seen, with about 3.8 million people in the theater, a very good reaction.The thing that Palm Dole in Cannes is I think that it was big.However, before watching a movie, there are criticisms such as “Are you screening such embarrassing things outside of Japan?” Just by being a family connected by shoplifting, “Such a family There is no voice “on the net, and I was sent to me.In this movie I said,” People who say that such things are not families, such families do not exist “(around the hero) I am planning to draw a line of eyes that will not be looking at them, trying to clean up things that do not exist, but I experienced that the same thing as that line of sight can also be directed against this movie. Have I was not a good thing, or rather gave me the suggestion of one something, including their reaction just maybe, I have this movie now thought the kana-made that is worth of the in Japan. ”

In addition, the director of Cureon of ‘ROMA / Roma’ who is nominated for 10 divisions including the work prize and attracting the most attention in this year’s Oscar, why he decided to make his own personal work based on his childhood now “I was thinking for 6 or 7 years, but I can not find an excuse to not do this work anymore.” With no clear plot like a traditional movie, this movie painstakingly depicts the story of an indigenous woman who is a housekeeper in a middle-class home in Mexico City, Director Cualon tried to control everything in film making I tried a totally different way from the approach I have had before. “The movie is eventually time, the picture is time, I focused on that for the first time with my career so far, this movie is about the sense of time.”

Aaron Poole
Alfonso · Cureon director Aaron Poole / (C) AMPAS (ROMA / Roma) nominated for 10 divisions including a film award, foreign language film award

At the same time, this work is also a trigger for a big debate in Mexico. “The interesting thing is that this movie is Mexico and it is the reason to discuss racial discrimination and domestic workers (the native to Oscar for the first time by indigenous peoples) Jalitza (· apalcio) is extremely susceptible I understand the symbolic value, spreading their voices with dignity.These arguments have been necessary for a long time.I now the country is in a situation where racial discrimination We admit that society’s structure reflects it, which is the most interesting thing. ”

This year’s Foreign Language Film Award has not only “Shoplifting Family” and “ROMA / Roma” but also all the works of high quality that are incomparable whatever works are awarded, and the symposium is also Filled with love and passion, it was a fun night with movies to the audiences.


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