Patiala Babes 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

In Tonight’s episode of Sony tv display Patiala Babes, you will get see Babita tells anybody in her office that she can not give up on her work at any value as it is about her daughter Mini’s destiny.

In the latest episode of Sony television Show Patiala Babes, you will get to look how Babita gets tensed all over again as she has a whole lot of work to do, however, there is a shortage of time. Babita has to supply many uniforms on time and she doesn’t have enough time for it. it might be very thrilling to peer what will she do now. Babita has to deliver an order of Police Public Uniform, however, is lacking the time and gets concerned about how she will control to finish her task on time.

Babita needs a time of around week to complete the order because the order is so massive which requires time. She has been considering how she will entire this order without getting overdue. concerned Babita talks to Hanuman Singh, seeking out a solution of her hassle. allow’s see how Babita will control to address this hassle and will she deliver the order of Police Public Uniform on time? She asks Hanuman Singh a time of 1 week to complete the order.

Babita is rising as a robust woman in the show Patiala Babes, she is unexpected anyone in her work with her new colour. In this night’s episode of the display, you will get see Babita tells all and sundry in her workplace that she will now not surrender on her work at any price as it is about her daughter Mini’s destiny. Babita is determined to pursue her process and it seems like she is unstoppable.

we have visible inside the latest tune of the display how Babita’s workplace colleagues trouble her and taunt her as they suppose Babita is good for the simplest homework at home. however, Babita isn’t a person who gives up easily. She informed all her workplace pals that she can preserve up along with her activity without stopping. let’s see what number of challenges Babita will face at some point in her process. stay tuned with us for all of the modern updates of your favoured television shows and written episodes.


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