Patiala Babes 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nayim bi bring imarti father when he talk about court case and his detest towards hanuman. Babita see every one of these things and exhaust in displeasure. Later Lala tell Miniee and Nayim Bee reveal to Babita story How Imarti father

Visited them after marriage, when Hauman singh attempted to contact his feet yet he deny saying he is child in-law, when hanuman make him his dad and contact his feet and imarti feed him. They remain cheerful consistently.

Lala and Nayimbee further include that later she got cut off cerebral pain, and how hanuman dealt with Imarti entire night, later she use to get visit migraine and after checkup they found that imarti was experiencing braim tumor.

Specialist educated hanuman and imarti that she may overlook everything and in the event that she get worked its lone 10% odds of survival. Imarti choose to bite the dust without activity, as she wouldn’t like to pass on in medical clinic.

Nayim honey bee infrom.babita that it was Imarti who infrom each and every identified with Hanuman Singh, as she needed that Nayim bi dealt with Hanuman singh after hee demise

Precap: Minnie ask Babita to help Hanuman singh like he use to help them


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