Patiala Babes 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Patiala Babes 13 Mar episode starts with Mini dealing with a hard state of affairs whether to take the exam or no longer. Mini leaves her exam and movements out of the examination hall.

She comes to complete the pictures opposition registrations. Mini stands in the queue with a wish that she will win the prize money.

Biji offers rings to Mita as a gesture to kick begin the wedding arrangements. Mita refuses to take the jewelry when Biji tells her that it belongs to Babita.

Biji refuses to take lower back the jewellery from her. Mita hands over the jewelry to Ashok.

She states that she is ready to get married with out rings, however isn’t always geared up to simply accept Babita’s jewelry. Mita asks Ashok to go back the jewelry to Babita.

Ashok calls Pinku and asks for the jewelry receipts from him.

Babita asks Munna and Satnam to speed up the work. She tries to instigate the people against Satnam by means of proving that he became manipulating them.

The people cross against Satnam as they experience that Satnam cheated them. Babita says she will be able to try and win incentive for them.

Mini receives selected as the 0.33 nominee inside the images competition. Mini is requested to talk a few words on her photos.

Mini speaks her emotions about her Babes in her speech. Mini wins the opposition.

The written update of 13 March 2019 Patiala Bebes episode full story ends.

Upcoming Patiyala Babes episode update: Babita slaps Mini.


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