Patiala Babes 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Hanuman inquires as to whether he is genius. Minnie says he is cooking world’s Shakrukh Khan and Babes is his huge fan. She races to see Vikas. Babita moreover endeavors to leave in a rush, yet Hanuman stops her and says work is first. She returns to her work unfortunately.

Vikas Khanna touches base in his vehicle. Khatri and his significant other welcome him. Columnists ask when he remains in US, what took him back to his homeland. He says Punjab’s lovely smell brought him back here, he is looking changed dishes with exceptional formulas to incorporate them in his new book and Khatri welcomed him to taste mela’s diverse dishes and incorporate best one in his book. Minnie hears that and energetically illuminates Babita that Vikas Khanna will taste her tikki. Babita likewise gets energized. They submit Paitala Babes tikki with different dishes. Vikas tastes each dish and likes all, however unfit to choose victor. Khatri says one more dish is left. Vikas Khanna tastes tikki and stands solidify making the most of its taste. He says this is ideal formula by Patiala Babes, he would incorporate it in his book. Babita and her group cheer while Khatri and his better half smoke in envy, however act and report Babita as victor. Vikas inquires as to whether he can go to her home tomrrow at 11 a.m. to get her tikki formula. Babita gets progressively energized hearing that. Hanuman feels desirous of Vikas Khanna seeing Babita’s consideration towards him. Laala insults him.

Next morning, Hanuman prepares and Laala says official has called Hanuman to possibly respect him with decoration for his remarkable administrations and zero wrongdoing rate in his ward. Hanuman gets glad hearing that and opens principle entryway. Correspondents click his pics. He closes entryway and says official sir has sent columnists previously for his meeting. Babita with Minnie enters and says correspondents are sitting tight for Vikas Khanna. Hanuman gets progressively desirous. Vikas achieves their home. Minnie says correspondents and mumbling that this old haveli does not suit Vikas Khanna. Kammo says she knew it and asks Vikas Khanna to go to her home. Khatri additionally backs saying his home every single present day comfort. Babita says he won’t go anyplace as this haveli is filled Hanuman’s spirits and confidence for ladies which Khatri’s home needs. Vikas says he loves havelis as it speaks to Punjab and wherever ladies are regards, it is equivalent to a sanctuary. He asks Babita to give her formula now. She says there is nothing unique in her formula and she utilized every typical fixing. Journalist asks then what was unique in it. Babita says she is following same old grandmother’s formula with precise fixings. Minnie says it is her family formula.

Precap Upcoming Patiala Babes Episode Update: Babita reveals to Nayeem bi that she needs Ashok to see her pic in news paper and understand her esteem. Mita illuminates Minnie that she needs to give 10% Kurana ventures offer to Babita and Minnie.


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